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Pain in the

knee. Ever since I got the new New Balance shoes about a week before the move, there has been pain in the general vicinity of my left knee/shin especially at bedtime. Of course all the moving boxes and stuff made it worse. Monday there were few muscles in my legs which were completely working. Must have been Tuesday night that I figured out it was a knee thing, so I wore a brace yesterday, which helped a little but not as much as it should have. Today the pain is mostly gone, though I'm still unpacking things, so still pretty stiff legged.

Work was dead boring today - we finished all the tests a day early, or rather I finished what I was able to do, and the tester in Belgium took dips on the rest, which he is probably going to be doing in an hour or two.

So I called my Comcast installer to find out why my TiVo does not get any of the non-broadcast HD channels while the set top box does. He gave me a number to call, told me to have them "hit" the card so it will accept the right channel lineup. So I did,. but the woman with the eastern European accent said she needed a bunch of information from the settings page on the Tivo. At lunchtime I went home and turned on the TiVo to that page, and phoned again. The guy at the other end of the line sounded like he was from several different countries, none of them English speaking, but had taken lessons from someone in Brooklyn, or perhaps he learned English by watching Jersey Shores. I gave him my phone number, he looked up the account and in 20 seconds he located the cable card in the TiVo  and zapped it without any information from the screen. Ten seconds later it gave me all my HD channels. I love Comcast support - each time I call with the same question I get a different answer. So far two times in eight it has been the right answer.

While I was home, I walked around the place looking for the pedestrian gate nearest Coco's, but did not find it. I also gave the front desk the old cable box to give to Joe Comcast. And found out how to get my moving boxes and 10 metric tons of wrapping paper collected for recycling.

Back to work, had lunch from the freezer vending machine. No bad, really. And my 1-on-1 with the boss, which was low key because his cold is still lingering and he has been up to his ears in paperwork. He gave me a new project to start on, which was nice.

Fry's after work, looking for:
- return address labels
- business card blanks
- a clock radio/CD player for the bedroom
- ink for the gravity feed printer
- printing paper

The one clock they had on display which fit my wants/needs they were out of. I bought ink, but when I got it home it was for the wrong model. They moved their printing paper to somewhere I could not find. I did manage to find the other two items.

Home, I set up the gravity feed printer, and cranked out two sheets of return address labels,  but when I tried to print a business card I got a shadowy thing like the ink was running out, but the ink indicator said I had half a tank left of all the colors & black. Nozzles just needed cleaning. Three times. Now it is finishing the first side of the 5th copy, second side coming soon.

I made some more progress on the kitchen boxes, and will pull the remaining two out of the closet. Also found the box with the indoor/outdoor thermometer for the livingroom, and the big digits clock I keep by the TV. And a lot of other stuff for the livingroom.

Plans for tomorrow:
IHOP for lunch (?)
Exchange ink cartridges at Fry's
More unpacking

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