Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
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End of the week already?

For such a slow five days, the week sure seemed to end quickly. Major progress has been made in unpacking, the kitchen is functional, but I need to buy some lazy susans - the kitchen cabinets are way deep, each shelf could serve as a cat abode.

Work was a lot of wheel spinning, testing whether new features were in the build, based on the sketchy engineering descriptions. The way we log feature requests is they are logged as bugs, and the bugs need to be closed when the feature is in place. But usually by the time the feature is in place someone in QA has written a suite of tests for them. But sometimes the feature is too new for that. There was one really good new feature which displayed a line of useful information about the source of a TV program, and it was so well done I had to talk to the engineer who built it, and then revert back to a previous build to make sure it had not been in the user interface before.

Lunchtime I made a Fry's run, returned the Epson ink which I'd bought for the wrong model, and then bought a Canon printer and ink to replace the Epson which ate my business cards last night. The ink cost more than the printer. Printer was recommended on a web site for a paper company which specializes in card stock. I still have an Epson all-in-one which does a super job with CD/DVDs and document scanning as well as plain paper printing, but it has a curl-around paper feed which destroys card stock, especially the perforated kind I use for business cards.

After work --> home, did a little more unpacking, set up the printer and cranked out three sheets of biz cards. The colors were off, but more  vivid than the Espson's, and the alignment was off just enough to make the cards unusable. I'll have to adjust that. Best news is it printed both sides clearly, with no smudging and no jams or damage. One reason is it prints very slowly compared to the Epson. About 4 minutes per page to the Epson's 1. Give or take. It's a USB connect, where the other is wireless, so setup time is much quicker.

Somewhere in there I noticed the note from maintenance that they had fixed the washing machine, so I tested it on the lambskin rug. It was noisy, but it worked. I was surprised how clean it got the rug. Also nice to have a dryer which I can set for things like that. Followed that with a load of shirts, which are now in the dryer.

Watched some CFL on TV while having dinner. Pumpkin splayed himself out right at the foot of the TV tray, Domino draped herself over the far end of the top of the sofa.

The apartment is very warm - I had set the temp to 74°, and the aircon was on most of the time. It was 73 outside, according to the in/out thermometer by the TV set. I'm guessing the Indian family next door has their heat on. Or maybe the upstairs neighbors do. If there are upstairs neighbors - I haven't heard any noise from above.

I'm slacking again, at the Starbucks near the cineplex. They are my new late-nite SB, lots of eye candy but most of it transitory. There's  rush when a movie lets out.

Plans for tomorrow:
Busy day. Cat -->vets-->annual shots
Nails are a week overdue
reception/lecture at CHM
Unpacking continues
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