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Today at work was too much fun. I had two bugs working, each on a different product with different engineers, both of which needed my attention pretty much at the same time. And both took some significant setup, though the second one was done in 20 seconds as soon as it was set up. The second one stumped the expert, the first one stumped me.

Lunch was a Carl's Jr. stop with two of the team, who had been planning on walking but my knee was complaining about the mere thought, so I drove us. 

After work, Fry's stop, picked up some luggage tags - the kind which laminate your business card into them. Looked for accordion hanging folders, but they have removed all their major office supplies. Turns out I had them at home, just was looking in the wrong file drawer.

Home, built 10 luggage tags from my latest set of calling cards, fed the cats & had dinner, then sat down at the PC and started to build my 2012 calendar on the Costco site. And then on four other sites. They all had one thing in common - they clipped about 1/3 of the image when it is placed on the page, and while one can zoom in, one cannot zoom out or in any way see the full picture. Annoying since I had prepared the cover page with the year and "photos by" credit, both of which were clipped by the software.

I finally phoned Costco photo support (they are open till 10 pm Pacific!) and the nice man had the numbers right at hand. It was not straightforward for a beginner, but easy to figure out and program into Photoshop for an expert such as myself. The secret code : The frame size is 3450 x 2700 pixels, but for the cover page the photo bleeds over 75 pixels on each side, so you make the photo 3300 pixels x whatever, retaining the aspect ratio, and then make the canvas around the photo 3450 x 2700. For the other pages, it's a 115 pixel bleed-over, so the image is  3220  x whatever, with the same canvas size. After I batch processed the images, I had room in the canvas area to caption each one.

Those were uploaded and Drag'n'Dropped onto the calendar, with some juggling to match the image with the month where it made sense, and trying not to have two of the same kind of image in a row. I'm happy with all my choices except for one, which was chosen for the novelty of the subject more than the quality of the photo composition. And I am disappointed that two people whose photos I wanted to use declined the honor. And by the way, lemmozine, the spices photo on my final pass did not pass muster - it's at a bad angle. So I used the shot of the museum's gift shop from the rafters instead.

That adventure ate two hours, which I should have used for unpacking. So I did penance by unpacking all my CDs. And discovered I have far more CD rack than CDs. There was a lot of stuff parked in there which was thrown out or Goodwilled. The top of the rack is filled with Beanie Babies and similar animalia.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work, bring my 20x30 framed photos for new co-worker to choose from to hang in her cubicle. This is the DDG Russian woman who was interviewing for my job, but got hired by the next department over. She loves my photos, I even sent her calendars while she was in St. Petersburg after we both left Moto.
Pack for Baltimore
Maybe do some unpacking.
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