Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Much To Do About Something

Had another of those tests to do today where after some not very complex setup, it had to loop for a few hours. Managed to finish three or four today, ran out of short enough ones at 5:30.
Lunchtime, went to the CU and got my debit card, which is very shiny and pretty, but mostly useless until direct deposit kicks in, or the 25th rolls around, whichever comes first.  Lunch at Coco's, since it's next door, practically. Could have gone home for lunch but 9 speed bumps...each way.

Should have because there was email saying I had a package (I had not checked email till I got back to the office). So after work I picked it up - it was my checks from the CU. I did not want to order any because I print my own, but I did not have the little numbers in the upper right.  I suppose I could have asked the CU what they were. Anyway, I went into Check Designer and created a template for them. I don't use many checks, but some things still require it, like certain cons and such.

Litterbox has been changed, cats fed and dry food topped off, water topped off too.

I spent about 90 minutes unpacking the photo albums and other bookshelf contents - three more little boxes to go, which I will do after dinner and some football watching.

And I need to pack for my trip, but that will be easy enough. Just need to throw a suit into a suitcase (how fitting) and some other stuff into a carry-on bag. The trip out has one stop in San Diego, the trip back stops in Indianapolis and Las Vegas.

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