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Travel Day

Did not need to wake up at 5 am yesterday, but it gave me half an hour to get out of bed and do all those things I needed to do for the trip. At the airport in plenty of time - almost no line at Security Theater, idiots made me take off my belt for the full-body scanner, even though it is non-metallic.

Was there in plenty of time to find my gate and find breakfast. Not much to find, even though there were a dozen places to eat most have a minimal menu pre-lunch. Ate at Joe's. There was toast, and I considered raising it in honor of johnnyeponymous' birthday, but it was sourdough, which did not seem appropriate.

I was way toward the end of the second line for the Southwest flight, but lots of airheads were not paying attention to their numbers and lined up behind me. I found an aisle seat toward the back next to a Pacific Islands couple. The first leg was to San Diego, so as expected when we landed most people got off, so I grabbed a slightly better window seat for the Baltimore leg.

Mostly uneventful. A Muslim family (two children and Mom) sat in the row in front of me, Dad sat next to me. He started off sitting across the aisle from them, but the kids wanted him closer. American-born man, he went through the motions of Islamic prayer once during the flight. His prayer pamphlet was in English with a big line of Arabic on almost every page. It was getting dark, but he did not turn on his light, and I thought it's Friday so maybe he is not allowed to, but his wife turned hers on, go figure. She did not sound like a local. The kids were bubbly but non-screaming. In fact, the obligatory screaming infant which was across the aisle and two rows up made googling noises when he should have been screaming. Nice for me, but I'm sure the union will be sending Guido out to talk to him later.

Arrived in Baltimore, longlonglong walk to the baggage claim, but at least they had moving pathways, unlike the much more modern  SJC. That's a big WTF - brand new airport built to lure folks away from SFO and OAK, and they don't put in moving walkways. SJC does have nice slick floors which are easy to roll things on, where BWI is all wheel-gripping carpet.

Saw a text message from my Poulsbo sister that they were at baggage claim,  but it turned out to have been sent earlier, I phoned and they were at dinner. Called the hotel for the shuttle, which took half an hour. Should have got the rental car after all.

Long drive out to the hotel, the room is huge (a suite, really). Unpacked, then went to the lobby and asked how to get to someplace for dinner. Turns out their shuttle will take me to several places. As I was waiting for the shuttle, Poulsbo sister & husband showed up,  so we chatted till the shuttle got there.

 I picked G&M, which is famous for their crab cakes, waited half an hour for a seat, ordered the crab cake dinner with cole slaw & mashed potatoes. The waiter was in his 50's, way more formal than he needed to be for a family restaurant.

The crab cake was not a cake at all, it was simply high quality crab meat shoved into a Jello mold and baked for a bit, and highly salted. The cole slaw was decent, the mashed potatoes were mostly inedible, they appeared to have partially fossilized, along with the gravy on top.

There was no toast, but there was a dinner roll, which I raised in honor of johnnyeponymous' birthday, and posted a photo on FB.

Had the banana cream pie for dessert. They used heavy whipping cream, and whole sections of banana. It looked terrific, but it was bland thick and very slow going.

Called for the shuttle back to the hotel, he was there in 15 minutes.

All during the plane ride I had a nagging feeling I had forgotten something, because I always do. Unpacking I saw what it was - I had packed the wrong shirt for the wedding. I thought I was grabbing my best blue long sleeved dress shirt, but what came out of the bag was a long sleeved blue shirt with a Microsoft logo. I may wear it anyway, since nephew had also worked for Microsoft for a while (summer internship). But I will probably wear the burgundy short sleeved shirt I flew here in. They have a guest laundry here if I need to wash it.

The pillows here are the ones I thought I was  buying online a month or three ago. I'll have to look into that again.

Slept till 7:30, went down to breakfast at 8, sister & bro-in-law were still there (I expected them to be in at 7 and gone by 8). They hung around and we chatted while they finished & I had breakfast. As we were wrapping up, mother of the bride found us, and we moved over to their table (mother & father, brother & his fiancé) and chatted, and blocked traffic. Nice folks, they laughed at my jokes.

So, back in my room, wifi is very slow, and drops out from time to time.

No real plans for the day, my UK relatives are staying at the inner harbor harbour, and seem to have other plans for the day. I think they will be at the dinner tonight, if not, I'll see them at the wedding tomorrow. I may take the shuttle to the airport and light rail to the inner harbor, if it runs there. Maybe I'll rent a car. Who knows.
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