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Lagging, but some wee victories here and there

After my last entry I was falling asleep at the keyboard, so I took a lie-down, did not wake up until 1 pm. Too late to get together with the Brits, so I did Plan C, took the shuttle to light rail and took the train all the way to the end of the line. It was cloudy and there was a steady breeze and it was cold, and I was in a T-shirt, jeans and no hat. Inside the train it was comfortable enough, though not warm, so instead of getting off (I had a day pass) and being a tourist various places I stayed on to the end, which was a shopping center with a Burlington Coat Factory, where I bought a faux leather jacket, a blue dress shirt and black-on-black striped tie and silver tie clasp for the wedding. I had the nice man cut the tags on the jacket, and wore it out of the store. I was a bit hungry, but dinner was in a couple of hours so I went back to the train station, and timing was excellent - he pulled out about 3 minutes after I was on board. Back to where I started, called for the shuttle and back to the hotel.

Middle sister and baby sister were in the lobby chatting, husbands there too. I said hi, gave hugs and then went to my room to park my stuff and change for dinner. Brought the camera, and got a GPS tag which would last the evening (the GPS unit is clumsy to use when using the built-in flash). They opened up the dining room at about 6, it was nice and well lit and I was going to take lots of photos but then the mother of the bride turned down the lights and ruined that plan. Tables were circular, and there were no good angles for un-posed pix so I took the camera back to my room and came back down.

Lots of people I did not know and will never see after the wedding. Grandmother of the groom (my sister's mother-in-law) whom I have not seen since my sister's wedding, and have not wanted to because she was a shrill person with no discernible taste, has become much less shrill, and unlike 30+ years ago, not once did I have the urge to harm her in any way. There was wine and soft drinks, but I didn't notice the cans of soda because they were completely buried under the ice. Most people had wine. Wine makes my jaw hurt, and I described my various symptoms to the father of the bride who is a doctor of pharmaceutical something, and he explained part of what it might be. Not sulfite, because I have the same reaction to whiskey. He said that some people cannot fully metabolize the alcohol, and that leaves some kind of acid in the blood stream which causes a flushed face and similar symptoms to mine. He said there is a drug for that, one which is used to treat alcoholics.

Dinner was chicken parmesan made with dried pamesan cheese, partially dried out pasta, alleged vegetables, something resembling salad, plus cookies and brownies. And garlic bread. It was edible.

I sat with my baby sister, her husband, my aunt & uncle, grandmother of the groom and one of her sons & his wife. There was much to talk about. I correspond with my aunt & uncle regularly, they live in NYC. The bride & groom made an entrance after most everyone was there, and sat at a table in the back with their friends.

Lots of chatting, I took a couple of phone photos. After most folks had gone, some of the uninvited gathered in the lobby and we chatted. Some cousins of the groom on his father's side, from Texas. Uninvited to the dinner, but invited to the wedding.

I ducked upstairs, and brought down some gifts for mother of the bride, she was pleased.

Changed my return flight to Delta business class and canceled the SW reservation. One stop instead of two, reserved seat. I'll be dinged for $25 for my checked bag, I think. I'll use the SW credits to go to Disneyland or Seattle.

Will take a quick look at FB, then bed, and set the alarm this time. If the sun is out, I'll go downtown and be a tourist. We have to be at the hotel by 4 to get the shuttle to the wedding. And I need to change first.

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