Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Tourist Day Sorta

The plan was to go with my baby sister & her hubby to the Aquarium, then to Annapolis for dinner. Instead we got caught till noon in the mother of all family reunions, all my Israeli nieces and nephews brought their children (who had been banned from the wedding) and all the other relatives showed up to goo goo and gaa gaa, and talk among themselves. I was able to avoid the babies pretty much, and somewhere out there on several different cameras is a group photo. One or my grand nephews refused to be in it, and it is not surprising he looks a lot like I did at that age. I'll have to find out which one he is and encourage him. I think he belongs to my oldest nephew.

Mother of the groom had arranged for us to get free passes to the Aquarium, she works for a company which helped fund it, you see. So we got to her work but it was lunchtime and the woman with the passes was out, so we walked to the inner harbor and had lunch at Uno, which is billed as Chicago grill,  unlike the CA marketing which is a pizza place. On our way we took some photos of sis in front of the USS Constellation, it seems her commanding officer (she is a civilian engineer at a Navy base) had come to them from special duty on this tall ship.

She went back to get the passes while husband & I sat outside and took in the view.

We walked through the entire place. It is more than an aquarium, it has a massive rain forest exhibit and another big Australian flora/fauna section. The aquarium part pretty much sucks for photography, and does not hold a candle to Monterey Bay.

We returned the passes just in time, 4:45, and the nice lady came down to the lobby to claim them. She can model for me any time. Gorgeous eyes & complexion.

We had expected to be out much earlier, we were all fading and it was a longer drive to Annapolis than they thought so we went back the hotel for naps, then went to dinner at the same place I'd gone Friday. They had the crab cakes, loved them. I had something resembling cioppino on linguine. Dessert was chocolate cake, which was kind of dry but the dark chocolate icing was good.

Back at the hotel, Big sister and her husband were at the computer in the lobby, I had a chat with them, mostly with my sister, who seriously does not understand that 23 grandchildren growing up in poverty is not God's Plan. It annoys me because other than her religious beliefs she is a brilliant person.

Up to my room,  I am as packed as I can be, just have the last minute stuff left.

And I found a cable, so am backing up my photos from the camera to the netbook. I'll convert them to JPG and upload some to FB to share with family. The cable was with the external DVD player I brought but have not used.

Plans for tomorrow:
Breakfast, maybe with two of my sisters.
Complete packing.
Check out before noon
Shuttle to airport
Fly home. 
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