Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Not Much To Say About Tuesday

Got up early, had breakfast in the hotel with youngest & oldest sisters and their husbands. I think eldest nephew joined us, too. I was already mostly packed, went upstairs to finish that, then back down to the lobby to chat with whichever wedding survivors there were. At about 9:30 I went upstairs for final packing after big sister said she would knock on my door at 10 for one last hug before she & hubby went to the electronics museum. I went online one last time, 10 am passed, so did 10:30. My scheduled check-out time was 11, so I hauled my bags downstairs and checked out.

While I was waiting for the shuttle, the driver said she had found some luggage left in the parking lot. The ID tag had big sister's maiden name. Probably bags she gave to one of her kids. Odder was the hotel had someone registered under that name. My sister's name is not common at all, there would be only one in the world with both first & last names. Her married name is not so common. I tried to get them to look up her & her husband's names but they were not listening. I had no way to contact them, the Israelis did not ave working cell phones, so I left a message with MotheroftheGroom, who said she would take care of it. Anyhow the hotel manager brought the bags into his office.

Shuttle to the airport was pretty quick, there was almost no line at the check-in, and though the line was short at TSA, they were disorganized, and what should have taken 30 seconds took 10 minutes. It did not help that the people ahead of me had three boarding passes with the same name on them. TSA did not make it easy for them to turn around and go back to the ticket counter to fix that.

Business class turned out to be first class bulkhead seats on both legs. Nice to not be stuck in the middle, and nice to have a window seat, but Delta's fleet is almost as old as its stewardesses, and they make a lot of noise even at the front of the plane. Service was poor on both flights. On the BWI-Minneapolis leg there were only two attendants for the whole plane, and the lavatory was in back, none up front. Boo, hiss. The MIN-SJC leg was a larger plane, so three attendants, and one lavatory in front, which was nice. But the food was horrid, and it was clear that these people are not organized much.

BWI flight was smooth, but we went through turbulence for way too long in a couple of stretches around Utah. No word from the pilot at all - should have been something about trying to get us to a different altitude.

There was quite a wait for bags, and for the shuttle, but I was home by about 8:30, half an hour later than the vet said to not have Pumpkin eating. Close enough I figured.

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