Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Doing The Math

As of 11/7, my early termination fee on the HTC Blunderbolt would be $290. It goes down $10 a month. My bill is $90 a month. So no reason to hold onto the contract past that time if I decide to switch to the Moto Bionic. So far the Bionic had outclasses the HTC on everything except the time/weather widget. And maybe battery life. Which is rude because the HTC sucks batteries something insane.

Spent most of lunchtime putting the stuff onto the Moto which I have on the HTC, which was dumb because at home I was able to do it faster on the PC with android marketplace. Lunch was at Eric's Deli, worst pastrami ever - more gristle than meat. The clam chowder was thin but tasty. We need to find the person who says lemon juice belongs in clam chowder and hunt her down and fill her face with lemons.

I was there because Comcast next door had a hellacious line at 12:30. By 1:15 it was down to a trickle, I was able to get my name corrected on the bill, confirm that my STB had been returned, and be told that they could not put the correct +4 zip code on my bill because...the system. Having the same trouble with Allstate. USPS changed the +4 part of the zip for the apartment recently, but it's so easy to look it up on USPS.com. Database updates should be automatic, it's public domain information.

Back at work, I was cranking away verifying fixed bugs on the new machine when boss asked me to do one of those highly tedious tests on the old one. It went like this:
1. Load build x on the machine
2. Set up its IP addresss
3. Run a program on the PC
4. update to the latest build
5. Check to see if the IP addresses are still there
6. Lather, rinse, repeat with builds x+1, x+2, x+3 and x+4
7. Repeat steps 1-2 and 4-6
8. Show you work. Including screen captures of all the screens in step 3.

It took a while. It takes about 10 minutes to do step 1, most of it is waiting.

Went to Safeway after. Note to self: take Bowers, not San Thomas or Lawrence during rush hour. HOV lanes on the right-hand lane is criminally insane.

Home, the cats' liquid food bowl was empty, and the dry food for Domino up on the cat tree was almost so. Whipped up more liquid diet, which both cats ignored. Added kibble to Domino's bowl, and she eventually jumped up there but Pumpkin parked himself on the lowest level of the cat tree, looking for a way to get up there, but resigned himself to being in Domino's way.

Pumpkin is still very hungry. He tried to get some of my dinner again, but there's no way he could chew a pizza. I had to reposition him off the recliner and onto the floor.  Maybe I'll belnder in some of the kibble into the liquid food.

Plans for tomorrow:
Spend time with the cats

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