Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Stuff What Gots Dun

The last couple of evenings I have made some major progress with the move-in:

- Took the three doors off the walk-in closets so they can be walked into
- Unpacked all the photos, 78s and stuff from the ancestral homestead. Found Dad's master's degree and Mom's high school diploma.
- Put all the videotapes and DVDs on their rack.
- Hung all the calendars, plus a pulp fiction one which I thought was a 2012 but is really a 2011.
- Started putting away bedding in the bedroom closet. There may not be enough room for everything. Maybe I'll auction off a comforter at BASFA

The livingroom is down to two small boxes, one which will be done after I write this (the contents of the entertainment center's storage shelves - some of it wires & connectors, most of it manuals for devices I no longer own. The study has three small and one medium box, a challenge because most of what is in those came from a bedroom closet which has no equivalent here.

The bedroom is still mostly in boxes, because I have to figure out if I am going to build the metal cubes T-shirt rack or buy some plastic stacking drawers instead. Trouble with the metal cube rack is once it is in place there is no moving it. Maybe I'll solve that problem this weekend.

In cat news, this morning neither cat had touched the liquefied canned food, Domino had knocked her food bowl off the cat tree, and there was no kibble on the ground so someone ate it and I sure hope it was empty when she pushed it off, because it would seriously damage Pumpkin's stitches. His mouth looks fine, so I am hoping.

This morning I gave them the canned food straight, but mushed it up. They finished that by the time I came home. Pumpkin is so skinny I can feel all the bones in his spine. I sure hope the dental work will help him get his weight up. I'm thinking of buying some gravy for him, which may be an answer to the liquid diet thing.

Plans for tomorrow:
CU, get paperwork to move the living trust account there
Santa Clara Players' 50th anniversary party
More unpacking
Maybe some shopping. I am still looking for the perfect (for me) bedroom clock radio. It needs a digital tuner, two alarms, buttons on the top (not on the front), a large, very dimmable display, optional CD player.
Tags: cats, finance, moving

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