Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Up 2 Late

Took a long time to write my review on FB of the show I saw tonight. I'll post it here when I finish this.

Busy day today. Walked over to the CU with all the necessary paperwork and tried to open a Living Trust account in which to park the $$ my folks left behind, which are now sitting idle at B of A. They refused. Apparently, a credit union cannot open a Living Trust account if none of the original owners of the trust are still living.

Went from there to Santa Clara Players' 50th birthday party, which was supposed to be from 11 till 3, but when I got there at 11:30 nobody was there except one person minding the food in the historical house a few doors from the theater. A walk to the theater showed a closed door, and I heard people reading lines and some audience reaction. They had started a show by the board members at 11, everyone was in there. I waited till it was over, chatted with a few old friends, was somewhat surprised by how many people I knew did not seem to notice me.

Then there was shopping to be done. Office Max for envelopes to mail the calendars, OSH for rollers, wheels and sliders for some of the heavy stuff in the closets. Also found a nice plastic shelf thing which will do well for my T-shirts. Then to Target for a clock radio. Found exactly what I was looking for in the form of a Memorex 7101 and also got a welcome mat and a set of coat hooks. Then home, cuddle time with the cats and flipping between the Cal-UCLA game and the Stanford-USC game. Got disgusted with both, and turned the TV off. Set up the rack, and the radio. The radio is a piece of crap - it did not get any FM stations at all, no matter what I did with the antenna, and hardly received any of the stronger AM stations. I'll probably return it.

Then off to see Snoopy at Sunnyvale Players. Two people I know are in it, plus the choreographer, stage hand and in a roundabout way, the director. The roundabout way went like this: a few months ago I went to try out for Oliver and it turned out to be a combined audition with 1940's Radio Hour. The director of the latter show wanted to cast me, but since I had the wedding to go to on tech weekend, that ruled me out. When I went online to see who was cast, the show had been changed to Snoopy. After tonight's show the director told me the producers had not managed to come up with a big band to put on stage, so he suggested a change of show to something with a smaller cast, one which he was familiar with.

Back home, fed the cats ( I took lironess' advice have had success with a more manual approach to liquefying the canned food) and started being online for way too long.

Plans for tomorrow:
See a movie and coffee klatch with Janice.
Continue unpacking (the bedroom will be the main target)
Maybe watch some football.
Tags: shopping, social ineptitude, theater, theater drama

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