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Made a lot of progress in breaking down some of the moving boxes which had been only partially emptied. There are lots of T-shirts and beach towels on the bed right now, but several boxes are no longer taking up floor space. Pulled a box out of the bedroom closet which was marked "long playing records" which belonged in the kitchen-side closet. Opened it up and there were also 78s, 45s and some stuff from on top of the fridge. I wondered where my lunch box had gotten to.

Calendars are in envelopes, I just need to stick mailing labels on them and find time to make a PO run. Some are going overseas, they need customs forms. Bother. I will have two at BASFA, one to demo and one sealed to auction off. If there is enough demand I'll auction them both. Debating whether to go in costume. Will also have some other items to auction.

Watched some football, Pumpkin and Domino took turns sitting on my arm. At a couple of points they had an arm each for a while. I tried an experiment, putting the dry food into the blender with a lot of water. They didn't touch it all day. They did nibble at the watered down canned food. Tonight's experiment is watered down higher carb cat food vs. turkey gravy. Will see in the morning which one wins. Pumpkin thought my pasta shells & cheese looked mighty tasty, but I doubt if he could handle that yet.

Met Janice at the movies to see Puss N Boots. It was somewhat entertaining, but I fell asleep twice, and many of the kids lost interest halfway through. Lip sync was horribly out of whack during much of the Jack and Jill closeups. There's no excuse for that in an animation. We saw it in 2D because Janice is allergic to 3D, and it was clear that some scenes needed the 3D. I thought the plot was rambling, pretty stupid, and made no sense in the context of the Shrek movies. I always enjoy Bandaras' delivery, Hyak was pretty good too, though her side of the script was often inane. There is no Easter Egg. The closing credits are better than average, but they list EVERYONE at Dreamworks, not worth hanging around for. Could be worth matinée in 3D if they didn't charge extra.

We caught up on the past 3 weeks, she's going to be off skydiving next Sunday so we probably won't get together till 2 weeks from now.

Made a stop at Lucky's on the way home. Somehow managed to spend >$100. A big chunk of that was for the carpet cleaner solution. And cheese.

Tivo-ed the 49ers game, and was less than thrilled with the play, though I won't argue with the final result. IMHO they still need a quarterback.

Ran the carpet cleaner (I have this mini el cheapo one for small jobs) and managed to lighten the smudges the movers left on the carpet by the front door. Also cleaned up a hairball Pumpkin left in front of the recliner.

Plans for tomorrow:
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