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Forgot it was Halloween, went to work in civvies. Blame goes to 9 am meeting, which meant rushing to get to work.

Lunchtime found a place not far from work to have my nails done. They said the usual acrylic person was out, but the substitute did fine. Next door was a new Eggroll Warehouse, I got a combo to go.

Home after work, both cats wanted to be on my lap, and somehow managed to share. Watched a little football, did some unpacking - got the t-shirts on the racks. Plenty of time before BASFA and all the boxes had been opened and most of them emptied, and I was still missing one little file box, so I decided to look in the storage room. Conveniently located next to my apartment. It was a mess, the movers had just chucked things in at random. So I pulled everything out, got the ladder in there to rotate the bicycle hook to where it needed to be, hung up the bike, and in a stroke of inspiration I expanded the six or seven racks into a stack of shelves, and neatly put all my camping gear on the shelves, and found places for everything else in a way most stuff could be gotten to easily enough.

Then off to BASFA on foot. It's a 5-minute walk. Lots of noisy trick-or-treaters and moms in the complex.

The meeting was sparsely attended, I was very disappointed at how little the calendars went for, I should have stopped the second one and waited for next week.

melchar had the best line of the night, which was adopted unanimously as rumor of the week:
Trick or Treat. There is no "try".

Went out into the parking lot looking for my car, and remembered I had walked. Took a detour to the CU to get some cash, then home. Pumpkin is being a lap cat, but I am concerned because he is weak and is having trouble balancing. He is not used to being so small.

The IR on the kitchencam is not working. They have a new model out for about 1/3 less than what I paid for that one, so I ordered two. Want one in the study, I think.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe Starbucks.
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