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The day started way too early bringing Pumpkin to the vet for a follow-up exam. He lost another half pound in a week. The vet said his mouth is healed well enough to put him back on real food, so when I got him home I put out the dry food tower and he planted his face in it. He was still eating when I left for work.

Work was busy, in a boring way. There was a bug to verify which needed me to build by hand 96 multicasts, one by one, with a couple of tweaks to each one. 90% was done by writing one line of code and changing one element in it each time, but one setting doesn't have a code, so I had to tweak each one in the GUI. A couple of hours later, I ran the test, it failed, and I looked at the bug to see which build had the fix, and it was the one we have not been given yet. :-(

Lunchtime, returned the phone to Costco, gave the excuse that working for Moto I can get a better deal at work. Full refund, but they said Verizon would still charge the activation fee.

After work, home, fed the cats some canned food to go with the dry, waited till rush hour was over and went to the Verizon near where I used to live because I didn't like the hostile attitude at the one closer to work. Both are the same distance from my apartment, but the one where I used to live is a straight shot on the freeway, the other is surface roads & lots of long stop lights.

Waited for 15 minutes in the queue, a very pro-customer rep helped me get the Moto phone for less than Costco price (they had a keep-the-customer-from-AT&T incentive program), a free cover, an extended battery for same price as online discounters, and a offer to send a buy-back package for the HTC phone. He also put the SIM and 32GB SD card from the HTC into the Moto. Total win.

I have been sleeping better at the new place. Usually wake up once at about 3 am, then at 6:30. The bedroom is darker and quieter than the old place, and there is no middle school next door with loudspeakers blaring. This has made me stay in bed longer after waking up, sometimes napping till 8-ish, and getting to work on the later side of the "before 10 am" window.

Did most of the laundry. The bed quilt fits into the washer with room for two more.

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