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Caught up on sleep. Work was as usual. Lunchtime trip to Santana Row and walked into Crate & Barrel by mistake, looking for stuff which was in The Container Store next door. C&B did not have anything in the way of bedroom furniture for less than $1,000.

Container store took half an hour to decide because there were so many possibilities. I was looking for auxiliary t-shirt storage. Narrowed it down to two possibles: (1) colorful plastic stacking drawers at $20 each, judging from their height I would need 8. (2) plain white stacking wire racks which unstack into a pile about a foot high, $11 each, I would need 6.

I would have preferred (1), but getting them to my car, and the $160 price was daunting. Went with (2) because of the portability, price, and the fact that I have had a set of these for years which were used for patio storage and now are storage room racks.

Back to work, I snacked on stuff I brought - banana, apple, pickle, apple turnover - in lieu of lunch.

Home, Discover card arrived. Credit limit is lower than expected, even for a 0% card, but still workable. I may balance transfer my AMEX balance. The 3% transfer fee is less than the interest, I think. Will have to do the math. Have till 11/20 to figure it out.

Already had set up an online account, but needed the card # to set up in Quicken, so now that's done.

Gave both cats their traditional after-dinner treats. Domino gets whipped cream, Pumpkin gets anti-plaque crunchy treats. He vacuumed those up pretty quickly. Speaking of which, I got out the carpet cleaner and cleaned up some cat barf in the study. Oddly enuf, when I'm doing the cleaning it doesn't look like it is quite clean, but the next day it does.

Apartment maintenance did not pick up the moving boxes I'd left outside the apartment, apparently the front desk did not get the word out.

Plans for Friday:
Lowe's for a new desk lamp for work and heat lamp for the apt. bathroom.
Reilly & Maloney concert in Palo Alto.

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