Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Friday win and not so win

Boring day at work, had to read some very complex technical specs in order to find out I did not have the equipment I needed to run some bug verifications, and then another spec to discover several could be done which I didn't think I knew how to do.

Gave up a trip to the bank to go to lunch with the gang, allegedly as a farewell for the IT guy who was laid off. IT guy apparently was not told about the lunch, so FAIL.  Made the mistake of giving a ride to the automation engineer who also needed to go to Lowe's. Waited for him for half an hour after checking out, he said he looked all over the store for me, but I was right outside the exit waiting for him. He had left his cell phone on his desk. FAIL.

Won't have a change to go to the bank until Monday, since there will probably be a big backup with all the OWS supporters and their asinine "bank transfer Saturday".  Idiots, picking the day when most managers will be gone, and the lowest folks on the org chart will be trying to deal with the flood of people. It's bad enough on a typical Saturday, my usual wait is half an hour.

AFter work, straight home to feed the cats, then off to Palo Alto for a special Reilly & Maloney concert which I have been looking forward to for months. It was an informal setting in the Unitarian Church, donation at the door (no reservations) so I got there early and grabbed a front row seat.

They are always great entertainment, but I was a little disappointed that they did not do most of my favorites. They really should have saved Palo Alto Cowboy for the encore, instead of ending the first set with it. But they did make it a sing-along chorus. Maloney forgot some of the words, which he did the last concert I saw them at years ago in San Jose. It is out of date, and they don't play the south bay hardly ever. They tried a lot of new (to them) material, some of which was pretty good. Sound mixing got in the way of hearing the words, though - too much guitar/banjo/mandolin and not enough voice. About the mandolin, it was played by a young man from Seattle who played well, but I didn't think he belonged there. They are a duet, and they also have solo careers, and fanboy nerdling mandolin player has the opposite of stage presence, and it just made me uncomfortable to watch him. Most of the time his part was strumming backup, and those times when he did finger pick or whatever it is called, he was better than average but I know half a dozen filkers who are better.

What made it full price for me was David Maloney reprising the Marlene Dietrich classic Falling In Love Again with lyrics gender bent for a man to sing, which I saw him do as a solo the last concert I went to many years ago in San Jose. He has since added Ginny Reilly singing harmony, and mandolin guy was in there too, detracting from David's uke. I just can't help imagining David in sexy black lingerie when  he does that number. For full effect we would need a lit cigarette.

Plans for tomorrow:
Vet at 8 am for Pumpkin weigh-in
Piano tuner at noon
Re-arrange t-shirt collection
Put comforters in vacuum-shrink bags
Fake it Saturday night

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