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So Much Done, So Much Undone

The day started way too early with an 8:15 am appointment at the vet to get Pumpkin weighed. Once again had to pull him out from under the bed. It's easy now, he's much lighter. Good news, he gained ¼ lb since Wednesday, the vet says no insulin yet, just keep feeding him what I've been feeding him. :-)

Home, relaxed with the cats till 10, then went to the office to pick up a package - two more wi-fi webcams. Started setting them up. Piano tuner showed up a little after noon, he did a good job of electronic tuning and explained that 100+ year old strings are in pretty good shape, a couple of them waver a little, but nothing short of a complete re-stringing would fix that, and it would cost more than the piano is worth. While he was plunking I finished setting up the webcam software which was more bother than the first two were because my router has some odd ideas about what a port conflict consists of, and it does not like using port numbers < 8000 for pass-through. I mounted one on the computer room wall which had been pointing at the cat's food station because its infrared was not working. One of the new ones took its place, and another old one was swapped to the top of the piano so I can see both the couch and the area in front of the patio door which the cats like to park in front of. The last one points at the foot of the bed, another of the parking areas. The first three are viewable by the public, the 4th is not.
login is guest/guest on all of them:

Piano tuner guy said my name was not on the gate directory, and my entry code did not work. I checked on the way back from dinner and he is right. Been here a month, there's no excuse for that. Will be calling the office Monday morning about that.

Printed up my theater resume/head shot for tomorrow's audition. Pirates of Penzance at Lyric Theater. The director is someone I directed at Stanford many years ago. I've played the police sgt. twice in that show, this time I want to be a pirate. It's more work, but more fun. And more comfortable costumes. I've decided to sing something which does not show off my voice: Where Is Love from Oliver. I wanted to sing As Long As He Needs Me, but it's too high. Ditto Happiness from that Peanuts musical.

Set up all the webcams in the call phone and in the PC. Discovered Pumpkin was curled up behind my chair as I was doing that.

Watched Stanford clobber some Pac12 team. Watched Cal do something similar, but not as thoroughly. Odd to see them play in SF in a baseball stadium. Kind of bizarre that in the middle of the budget crunch Cal, and UW are building new stadiums.

My eye is still bothering me. Will do urgent care Monday if it is still irritated.

Broke out the vacuum-shrink clothes bags and shrunk two comforters and six pillows. The amount of air in those things is amazing. I also re-did all my t-shirts, they are now on their shelves sorted by subject, though the subjects have some slack built into them. They include:
  • Travel (with separate sections for Thai and NOLA)
  • Local
  • Humorous
  • Science/Sci-Fi
  • Theater
  • X-rated
  • UW
  • Seattle
  • Blank
  • Vanity

I'll auction off a few at BASFA which are topical and no longer fit me. May also auction off a space-themed comforter, but that depends on attendance.

Went for a late dinner at Sizzler. Horrible service. The ice cream machine was serving liquids, many people mentioned this to the manager but nothing was done about it, not even an "out of order" sign. That corner of the room became the Spanish-speaking employees' chat area at about 9 (they close at 10) which was annoying because I was sitting there.

It rained most of the evening.

As I write this, I'm transferring my tunes (including ringtones) to the new phone. Moto uses a different directory structure than HTC so I had to wipe the SD card and restore stuff from backup.

Plans for tomorrow:
Morning: football & relax. Sleep in
Afternoon: movie & coffee w/ a friend
Evening: Pirates Auditions

Tags: cats, food, weather

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