Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Slightly Injuring Time

Semi-planned *$s break after lazy morning. Alarm woke me at 6, it did not know DST was over. My cell phone did, and so did the cable box. Thought about how stupid  it would be to go around the apartment changing the clocks and went back to sleep for 2 hours.

At 9-ish PST I got up, fed the cats, did my morning online stuff, shot up and took meds, and got the brilliant though that maybe if I transferred my iTunes content to the Moto phone, it might read the MP3 tags correctly (which iTunes does not) and create only one album for all the tunes in an album. And maybe it will also grab the right album art, but that would be gravy.

An online search found a program with an unbelievably intuitive name, which runs on PC or Mac, which I downloaded, set up and started running. I figured it would take a while, which it did. When it was done my tunes magically are in their albums correctly. Not that I use the music app in the phone much (I have an ipod in the car).

Watched the 49ers somehow manage to not beat themselves despite many opportunities, and the Redskins fail to do anything memorable until the last 3 minutes, when they blew a chance to tie the game.

Somewhere in there I found Pumpkin parked under the bed, and told him he was welcome to join me while I had lunch. He came out after about 5 minutes and when I was done eating he sat on my lap till the game was over. Meanwhile, Domino had curled up on top of the faux leather jacket I'd bought in Baltimore, which was thrown on top of a small moving box, which was on top of another small moving box at the end of the sofa nearest my recliner. She ignores the three cat beds around the apartment, which both cats used to use now and then. They both seem to prefer the carpet.

I have a movie date across the street, and remembered that johnnyeponymous  was looking for a copy of Wicked, so when he posted that he was doing front desk duty at the CHM, I drove down there with my copy. The netbook needed its battery recharged, and updates to virus and windoze, so I'm doing that now. Will be back here after the movie for chat time with movie buddy, then auditions in SJ for Pirates.
Tags: cats, football, music, pirates

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