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Later That Same Day

Saw Moneyball, which the trailers misled me into thinking was about corruption in the major leagues. On the contrary, it is about the A's trying to field a winning team at bargain basement prices. The whole cast is superb. It is well-written, moves along very quickly, and ends 5 minutes before it needed to. They covered that with a single text line after the video ended. Worth full price.

Had a very short chat with film buddy afterward, Starbucks was already closing up an hour before closing time, which I thought very rude of them.

Home, then off to Lyric Theater warehouse for auditions. They were ahead of schedule, I had the 8:30 slot but they were ready for me at about 8:10. It was nice to see a dais filled with people I knew. The only unfamiliar face I think is the music director. I sang Where Is Love? from Oliver and it was a little shaky when the accompanist was trying to follow me while I was trying to follow him, but I don't think anyone else noticed. I sounded good enough for the chorus part I want.

IHOP for dinner, service was good for a change.

Home, gave the cats their treats, watched the amazing end of the Ravens game which I'd Tivoed. There would be longer nails amongst the Baltimore population if their receivers could learn to catch the ball instead of just bounce it off their numbers.

Plans for tomorrow:
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