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Man Bo Duck is gone!

Went for a late dinner tonight, and headed for Man Bo Duck in Mountain View, a place which is open till 2 am and has the best Wor Won Ton soup in town.

Red paper sign on the door in black felt-tip pen says their new hours are 11-3:30 and 5:30-midnight. Hostess I have never seen before gives me a menu which is new, with much smaller print, and starts with lunch specials. I start flipping pages and see that it was laid out by a dyslexic. There seems to be no logical order to it until I figure out it was printed in columns, and instead of being laid out in sections, it is one continuous flow. Like someone just got Pagemaker and hasn't learned how to use it yet.

Soups are buried between appetizers and beef. No Wor Won Ton, but there's a combination won ton which sounds the same. Except the small bowl is now priced at what the large bowl used to be, large bowl is $3 more. So I order it from a waiter whom I have never seen before. He studies my book holder (I always bring a cookbook holder if I'm dining alone, which can hold any size book, lets me use my hands for eating and keeps the book from getting lots of my meal on it). He says he has never seen anything like it. He gives me a thumbs up.

There is only one other table occupied when I get there, and they are getting their check as I sit down. Even being the only person to cook for, and it's only soup, it still took about 20 minutes. When I'm done, there is one couple at another table, giving their order. It took 10 minutes to get my check.

The soup was bland, did not not have any of the usual and described-in-the-menu seafood. Just won tons, some canned mushroom slices, small pieces of bok choi and some random pieces of chicken fragments. And maybe three pieces of BBQ pork. Pretty sparse considering the price hike.

They did do a couple of things right. One is they brought ice water without me having to ask for it. The other is they served three large orange slices. But this is somewhat balanced out by the lack of a fortune cookie.

Got the bill, and it said the name of the place is now New China. Got outside and looked at the building from across the street, and saw they had replaced Man Bo Duck with New China, but used the same style and color letters. There's a big Grand Opening banner, but it's hanging from the roof, out of sight from the direction I'd come in from.

Kind of sad, only serving one table at a time at 10-11 pm on a Saturday night, the day before Halloween, when there are more people on the streets of MV than usual. Man Bo Duck was never a crowded place, but I don't think I was ever the only customer.


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