Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Hump? What Hump?

A very productive day at work. Found one bug, and at my 1-on-1 the boss discovered a show-stopper I filed had slipped through the cracks, and asked our comrades in Belgium to see if they can reproduce it, because (a) it is about European video formats and (b) the time diff means they can have an answer by the time we start work tomorrow. Also closed a few bugs, it's all good.

My Vietnamese next door neighbor picks my brain from time to time about things American, and today he wanted to know what Ivy League School meant. It took a while.

I had packed an emergency lunch, so instead of going out to eat I went WAY down to the megacenter on Coleman by the CalTrain repair depot, and looked for things which would do for bookends, a runner carpet and a hutch which would serve as a place to put the center surround sound speaker under the TV set. World Market and Target both had things which came close, but not quite. Ordered bookends and a booster step online, but will try elsewhere for a runner. It's to hide one of the surround sound rear speaker wires.

Called the advice line at Kaiser. Someone who was not a nurse, and maybe not in this country answered. Person did not get it that we could skip the GP and go straight to orthopedics. So had to make an appointment with my PCP.

Worked till 7, then headed for the Mercado and redeemed my free drink card at Starbucks. The place was almost empty when I arrived, but is jam packed now. My original Pike Place card's reg numbers are nearly unreadable and the mag stripe is not long for this world. I picked up a new card at the counter, but could not get it to activate online, so had them do that at the cash register.  Went online and entered the new card into my account, and transferred the balance from the old one. Maybe some day I will put some cash into the gold card.

Back at the gate, tried my code # and it worked. It rang my cell phone, I hit "9" and the gate opened. Yay!

Plans for tomorrow:
Football (Raiders!)
Tags: language, shopping, work

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