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The plan was :
7 am Menlo Park Shell, drop off car
7-9:30 hang out at Cafe Baronne, Starbucks, etc. in Menlo
9:30 pickup car, drive to Mountain View
9:45-10:30 hang out at Starbucks, Bean Scene, etc
10:30-11 Doctor's appointment in downtown Mountain View
11:05 - at work

What happened was:

7 am Menlo Park Shell, drop off car. Am told the mechanics don't come in till 8. Revise plan to pickup car at 10:15
7-9:00 hang out at Cafe Baronne, call Shell and get an ETA of 10:30-11 am, too late to get to the doctor on time
9-9:20 - wait for the #22 bus at the Menlo Caltrain station
9:20-10 - ride bus to Mountain View, walk to Bean Scene
10-10:30 - chai latte at Bean Scene
10:30-11 Doctor's appointment in downtown Mountain View
11:10-11:30 - Bus back to Menlo Shell, where car is miraculously waiting to be picked up
11:45-noon, drive to Mountain view Sizzler's
noon-1 lunch
1:05 arrive at work just in time to miss Rich's going-away lunch.

What happened was actually plan B. I already had the #22 schedule and Caltrain schedule, just in case.

Odd musings while on the bus:

Nobody out of the 50+ people in Cafe Baronne broke out their laptops.
I really despise the new fashion of maintaining 2 days' growth of beard.
Very nice to see - the Stanford sports schedule billboard is now showing Men's and Women's basketball home schedules side by side (used to be only football, then only football and men's Basketball)
My doctor's office has a cascading hanging handout holder. Two labels which caught my eye:
Smoking letter
Smoking handout

Obligatory Pope jokes:

Q. How is it better to be an egg than the Pope?
A. An egg at least gets laid once.

Q. How is it better to be the Pope than an egg?
A. Nobody's gonna throw the Pope into a pot of boiling water

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