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So I'm chatting with one of my work buddies, and he is paying a lot of attention to his cell phone. Then another work buddy comes up with his phone out, and we all watch 11/11/11 11:11:11 happen while the one at his desk sees 11/11/11 11:11:11.11 on the linux box.

Spent most of the day trying to replicate a bug I saw once this morning. Simplified version goes like this: one of the other engineers filed a bug saying that after a couple of commands sent to the box, some random number of its 16 video programs stop broadcasting. Engineering says they fixed this. I follow his step-by-step description and see the same bug. He is not in today, so no help there. I decide to run the test again, this time with the log files set to "debug". Long story short, in five more tries it doesn't fail. At this point I have to close the bug as not reproducible.

Lunch was at Denny's because I missed the turn to Thaibodia. Afternoon I was able to close a lot of bugs, most were either just cosmetic or close to it.

Straight home after work because this morning I had emptied the last large box from the bedroom closet which contained most of my bedding sets. I had stacked them in clumps by color. The old apartment linen closet was spacious and wide and I could get away with just shoving sheets & pillow cases in a color collage, but this place has insanely narrow linen closets, but there are shelves in the bedroom closet which make great places to store bedding if it is folded something resembling neatly. I use fitted sheets, which I have never even come close to being able to fold onto the neat squares they arrive in. But I managed "close enough". And now I know that I have brown, black, red, sky blue, gold, deep purple and purple cotton sets, a baby blue on white winter flannel set, and a pair of bright green flannel pillowcases my little sister gave me. And one el cheapo blue sheet and pillowcases (just one straight sheet, not the fitted one) and about a dozen stray pillow cases, mostly king size. Those will go to Goodwill soon.

Listened to some news channels while doing that, and am disgusted with the Penn State students, impressed with Paterno's low key response, and disgusted by the "we must save the children" slash burning by the board, as if summarily firing someone for something which happened a dozen years ago will save anyone. The governor needs to fire the board, because they are as responsible as anyone, if one goes by their logic.

The Oakland police have asked the demonstrators to pack up and leave because the massive police presence is pulling police from all over the Bay Area away from actual crime fighting. In the most monumental load of bullshit evah, they pointed to the fatal shooting which occurred a few steps from the demonstration, within plain sight of the massive swat team presence. The protest only needs a handful of normal uniformed officers to keep the demonstrators away from the nearby businesses. The kind of firepower they are bringing to the site is much better used to combat real crime. For those who joined us late, Oakland has the highest crime rate in the area. 

Veteran's Day used to mean something, when our armed forces were actually fighting to protect our freedom. But since WWII all our military activity has been devoted to protecting political interests and perpetuating our huge "defense" department and its suppliers. Everyone in the military today volunteered to be there, and anyone who volunteered in the last 10 years knew they were probably going to fight Iraqis and Afghans, and maybe some Africans in wars against people who are no threat to America's freedom.

Both of my uncles served in WWII, my late Uncle Danny was a naval grunt who loaded heavy munitions onto boats and planes. My Uncle Dave was a combat engineer who fought in Germany and Italy. My father tried to enlist in WWII, but an erroneous EKG reading made him 4F, so he spent the war studying physics/EE on a Navy fellowship and helping design guidance systems for missiles. My mother was a Civil Defense volunteer. I missed the Vietnam draft by having a high lottery number, but served in the Peace Corps after it was no longer a draft exemption. I don't think my service helped defend America's freedom, though I know many volunteers who did. 

Vietnam and Korea veterans were mostly drafted against their will, and it wasn't their fault that the wars they fought in were political, but they did not do anything to keep America free - pretty much the contrary. I don't honor them for fighting for my freedom. I lost friends and classmates in the Vietnam war, and they died in vain, which makes their deaths doubly painful.

Maybe some day we will get back to a place when American troops stayed on American soil and protected America, and it took a major attack by one nation against another for us to even think about getting involved.

Came home to find five sets of book ends and a step stool sitting on the ground in front of the apartment. I had ordered these from Amazon, but they were supposed to be in a box with an invoice. The step stool is the wrong size, it needs to go back, but that's not happening without its box and the invoice. So tomorrow a very angry howeird is going to the apartment offices to tell them to keep their hands off my packages.

Plans for tomorrow:
PO, mail calendars
Angry visit to apartment office
The photo shoot I signed up for was canceled, so I have most of the day free. Massage?
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