Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

The 12th of Never

Busy morning, dead boring evening.

Went to the nearest PO, a contract station only a few blocks from the apartment, and it is closed weekends. WTF? Those things are supposed to be open longer hours than the main PO.  The nearest main PO is about 5 miles away, I went there. Mailed the calendars, and was not a happy camper all around. They would not let me use real stamps on the overseas ones because the new customs forms need to match the bar code of the printed stamp. Sounded like BS to me. Also was refused book rate for the USA ones - she said they never allowed calendars book rate. Sounds like more BS. Will have to look into both of those. Bottom line it is took way too long and too many $$.

Went for a manicure at the place I'd been going to for the last few months. It is farther from the new apartment than the old one, but it's all freeway, so it takes less time. Got a haircut while I was at it. Ate lunch at the bad Chinese fast food place and then parked for a while at the Clocktower coffee place, where there was much eye candy.

Target was on the way home, got some trivial household stuff.

There was a package waiting for me at the apartment. I did not do the angry resident thing from yesterday's delivery - I figured it out. The delivery service is a barrel of monekybrains called OnTrac, which I have complained to Amazon about many times in the past. They are the ones who unboxed my stuff and didn't leave the paperwork. They probably do this at the deport so they can cram more stuff into their undersized delivery vehicle, which is basically a pickup with a camper shell.

The package was a replacement for my torn netbook case, but it is too small. No worries, it only cost $5, and there is another one on the way.

Watched the Cal game and later shuffled between that and Stanford, but neither team was thrilling me, so I turned that off, went online, looked up a masseuse who used to practice out of her apartment in this complex, but the call went to voicemail and she didn't call back. Probably booked.

Dinner was one of those places I passed a lot but never tried. It is a Thai fast food place in what used to be a KFC, and it is in a lousy location, and the signs in the window are all done in unattractive colored masking tape. The name is Elephant Express. It was a bizarre experience. at 8 pm on a Saturday, I was the only one in the place. The lady behind the counter was very friendly and perked right up when I started speaking Thai. I asked for the crab fried rice special, she suggested the shrimp & crab combo. Sounded good. Also had the Thai iced tea, which she made by grabbing a pre-mixed plastic cup from the cooler and mixing in milk and ice.

The decor has been described as a dive bar after the lights come up for last call. Very accurate. The utensils were cheap plastic, the meal came on a thin paper picnic plate. It was delicious, and a large portion, but it was just weird being the only one in there. I chatted with the nice lady a little, the usual small talk. I don't think I'll be going back.

Fry's is nearby, I stopped in long enough to see that the two lamps I wanted were out of stock. Almost did not go inside, they already have their Christmas tree up. Probably won't go back until after new years.

Then to the CU to deposit a check (Comcast finally paid me what they owed from the previous apartment) and after much thought, since I was a block from home and the nearest Safeway is 3 miles away, I headed for Safeway. It's a branch I have not been to since I lived next door in the 90s. Got there, it is empty. On to the next one, where I stocked up on frozen foods & bought some egg nog.

Home, checked the football scores. Cal won, but not by much. Stanford lost by a LOT. Penn State lost by a missed field goal. BFD.

And here I am now.

No plans for tomorrow.
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