Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Had a Ball

Very lazy morning, didn't get around to shooting up and taking meds till 11. Woke up early enough, just was doing other things, like researching local massage possibilities. No one appeared to be working today, even the ones who advertised they were.

At about 1 pm I walked across the street to the Faultline Brewing Company and grabbed a table in the bar with a view of about 6 TV screens. The easterners already had the primo seats by the big screens, since their games had started at 10. The 49ers game went up on one of the two big screens and two of the smaller screens near me as soon as they started, but it took a while to get them to add the Seahawks-Ravens game. It was very confusing because there were four games going at once, and fans of all 8 teams cheering. Faultline has an impressive Sunday lunch menu (they are only open Sundays during football season) including a wide range of desserts. They had no problem with me not drinking beer.

At several times during the games, all the screens were showing commercials. The networks are getting out of hand with that, several times they missed kickoffs or the first play of the quarter to play an extra commercial or three.

By the 3rd quarter the Seahawks had their game well in hand, and I was getting tired of watching the 9ers on a screen smaller than what I have at home, so I went home for the nail-biter finale.  

Went to Lowe's and got some 150W equivalent CFL bulbs, on the theory that they would be brighter than the 3-ways bulbs I have in the floor lamps, but that didn't work in 2 out of 3 lamps. I may need to try a few other sources to find something bright enough for the study.

Watched Sunday Night Football, they have the best commentators.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe BASFA, maybe MNF
Tags: food, football, shopping

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