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The lead engineer saw the crash on his own machine, so more validation.

Spent a lot of time researching fixed bugs, to see which ones I could actually test. My knee was very painful, so I didn't join the gang for the mile walk to lunch. Went looking for reading lamps again. Lowe's didn't have anything rated more than  23W. OSH had nothing, and was a mess, shelf stocking was done by dumping things in the aisles. Big Lots I walked right out of - they are already playing Jesus music - not just muzak but music with words like "The lord bless us". Sheesh.

After work I went for a massage at the Korean place nearby. Good massage but they have traded in their young staffers for women in their 50s. :(

Costco, picked up the second batch of calendars. Home, opened one of the calendars, and it sucked - they printed about half the photos way too dark. They will be going back tomorrow. I may need to find another vendor - they did this to two of the photos on the first batch but not nearly as badly.

Watched a wee bit of MNF, then off to BASFA. Not as exciting a meeting as usual, probably should have stayed home.

Plans for tomorrow:
Old Port Lobster Shack for birthday dinner
Massage ? 
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