Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Happy Ending

The day was pretty mundane. Only ran one test, we've kind of run out of ones I have the equipment for. Did a lot of ad hoc stuff. Marketing decided not to stop the show for the showstopper I found a couple of weeks ago.

Lunch was at a Korean buffet called China China, which has Korean, Chinese and American food as well as a very limited range of sushi. Cake & softserve for dessert. There was a floor show today, three women literally fighting to pay the check. There was a 4th who staid out of it, she was very pregnant. The hostess came over after the dust settled and said usually people just chip in their share, which is real easy for a flat-rate buffet.

Found the masseuse who worked in my apartment complex and got an appointment for this evening. She was amazing. Pretty, too. She asked about the brewery across the street, and wanted to know what they called that load of bubbles at the top of a glass of beer. Apparently she has only ever had beer from a bottle. I gave her my card and told her if she got drunk there to call me and I would carry her home. I did not say whose home.

Spent more $$. Bought some more X10 wireless controllers and adapters - the new place is more spread out than the townhouse, it needs more switches and lamps. Also got a battery charger for the android phone. And the cheapest of the Kindle Touch models. The keyboard version is awkward, I'm always hitting the page buttons by mistake. I'll sell it on eBay, along with a new one which has been sitting on a shelf. Meant to sell it weeks ago.

Plans for tomorrow:
Kaiser for fasting blood test, blood pressure check and group physical therapy class for my knee. Then work.
Tags: food, shopping, work

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