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It was a medical morning. The plan was to get to Kaiser at 9 for a fasting blood glucose test, get my blood pressure checked and recorded, then attend a 10 o'clock group physical therapy session for the kneedy.

Got there at 8:45. Took a number: 92. Now serving #66. Had the needle in my arm at exactly 9 am. Found the blood pressure lady, she is in a corner of the lobby on the other side of the building and she has no connection to Kaiser's system, so though I get a reading, it isn't official. Boo hiss. Ducked into the cafeteria for orange juice and a muffin and took my morning meds, then got to the PT class 5 minutes early, which was late because they had a form to fill out.

Good class, teacher is a young man who obviously has some serious ballet background. Very good presenter, knows his stuff, and had us do a range of isometrics which mostly worked. Actually they all worked except the last one, which was weight-bearing and hurt my knee too much to put on my agenda. Ironically it was a quad stretch which he said I didn't need because that's a very strong and limber muscle in me.

A couple of nit-picks, it took one of the class members three tries for teacher to figure out that he was being asked to describe the physiology of why knees poop out with age. Once he got it, teacher pegged the answer. I was disappointed that he didn't describe any swimming pool exercises. And I need to find out if the exercise room at the apartment is free or if I need to pay extra for it. Need to get on a bike again.

It was a 2-hour class, lots of individual attention. Most of us had issues with our left knees, which makes sense to me if we're all right-handed.

Got to work at about noon, actually had some work to do for an hour, then lunch at IHOP, enjoyed the egg nog pancakes a lot. Back at work, there was a new build and I was able to close one bug which it had fixed.

Email from HR saying I needed to take the Harassment in the Workplace online course again. It is required every two years and the last time I took it was 5 years ago. It is incredibly stupid, and the bottom line is you have to be psychic to know if you are being offensive because it's the other person who decides that. It's to the point where a lot of the friendliness is sucked out of the workplace because you never know when you say something like "nice outfit" he/she will hear "wanna fuck?".  There are three women at work I would love to take to lunch, but there's no way I'm going to ask with the draconian rules Moto has in place. The whole course took 15 minutes, I got 100% right on the test, but only agreed with two of their answers.

Back to my real job, ad hoc testing on software for most of the rest of the day.

Needed windshield washer fluid, cold compresses and an Ace bandage so headed for the nearest Walgreen's, which is in a mostly deserted shopping center which once had a supermarket and some other huge store which turns into a Halloween store each year. There were dozens of kids on bicycles making like the parking lot was their motocross. Almost called 911 to report gang activity, just to be a curmudgeon.

Home, had dinner while watching OK State get put in their place by Iowa State. Both teams played very very well, and it ended in double overtime. It could have ended in regulation if OK's coach hadn't wimped out and gone for a field goal (missed) when they had 4th and 1 on about the 11 with almost 2 minutes left. Or if Iowa hadn't taken a knee with 38 seconds left. Mostly I was pleased to see a lot of good sportsmanship during the game, and after.

Plans for tomorrow:
Model rocket launch at NASA, though with the low clouds and rain forecast, this will probably be canceled
Talk on Mars at NASA in the afternoon
Assemble the second daylight reading lamp and hook it up in the bedroom. I have one here in the study. It sucks as a stand-alone light but is a great enhancement to the off-color CDLs which light the room.
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