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Rain Rain

 It is no fun taking photos in the wet&windy&cold  on an airport runway, so I did not go to this morning's lunar.org model rocket launch. I watched TV. Sat in the recliner with my feet up, an ace bandage on my left knee and a cold compress on top of it. Saw another entertaining upset, Michigan walked all over Nebraska, 45-17. If anything the game was more lopsided than the score. Also watched LSU clobber Ole Miss, and was thoroughly disgusted that one of the announcers thought it was rude of LSU to take a knee four times when they found themselves at the 1 yard line with about 3 minutes to go and ahead 52-3. It's called sportsmanship, idiot. He thought they were insulting the Ole Miss defense. No, the insult would have been to go for it.

Pumpkin has managed to use up a litterbox in a day, a new record. He is  back down to 13 lbs. I need to figure out how to check his Hgl levels. It's time for insulin, I think.

And in other cat news, 3 nights ago I set out the usual two canned food bowls, putting the brand X low-carb in the one on the left and the Friskies normal carbs on the right. The Friskies was completely consumed, the brand x almost untouched. Just for grins I swapped bowls, putting the empty one on the left and the full one on the right. In 8 hours it was empty. Next I only put out one bowl, with Brand X. It disappeared too. I have no idea what is going on.

Went to OSH and got 2' of Astroturf-like carpet, and then went to NASA for a lecture on the Mars missions, with a focus on Curiosity which is the next gen rover due to launch Friday morning. Then to Pet Club for a couple of litterbox refills.

Home, laid out the carpet under the study windows, and set up both litterboxes on it. The windows have inserts which would allow me to keep them open a couple of inches, I just need to ask Maintenance how they deploy. Anyhow, the small bathroom is a bathroom again, or will be when I vacuum it. Keeping the door closed for now, don't want any presents left in there.

The Big Game is on, but random samplings have shown it to not be living up to the name. I suspect Stanford was shaken more than they should have been by last week's blowout by a bunch of quackers.

Finally dumped out onto the livingroom floor the box with the stuff from the TV stand cabinets. Threw out a lot of manuals for things I no longer own, and a lot of cables and wires ditto, and bundled up a lot of other wires and put everything in its place. Except a power strip and heavy duty extension cord which came out of the bedroom and don't belong anywhere anymore.

Packages received today included something which claims to be a battery charger for my Droid Bionic, but it has no illustrations, and no English. There is a lot of Chinese on the box. But even if I get a friend to translate, the device looks iffy. I was expecting something like the charger for the HTC batteries, where you slap the battery into the charger. This one has two sliding prongs - plastic on the top, metal on the bottom - which are supposed to grab two contacts on the battery by the edge. Don't know which two, and even if I did I wouldn't trust it.

Also incoming was a pair of wireless speakers which I wanted to put in the study so I could hear the TV, but I need to build a connector. Or I may find something at Radio Shack. Or Fry's.

Plans for tomorrow:
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