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No Sauerkraut

Today was mostly the low-stress, football day I had wanted it to be. Forgot to turn off the alarm, so I woke up at 7, figured that's 10 EST, the parade should be on TV. But it wasn't. It wasn't online, either, except for some cam which was pointed at the back of the marchers, and audio was almost not there. Since I was up and on the PC, I found a big envelope and printed out the RMA info for the calendars and packed the two worst ones for their people to look at. Also printed a label to send one of the good ones to the mom of the March photo, and got that ready to mail. It was a little bit of a challenge, the spiral closure Vistaprint uses is thicker than Costco's, and even in a 9x12 envelope, the 8.5x11 calendar was hard to maneuver inside.

AT 10 PST, I flipped between NBC, which apparently owned the rights to the parade and CBS, which had set up a stand somewhere further downstream and populated it with two people who knew nothing and never shut up. They also cut to studio playback of some of the entertainment which was not in the parade. NBC was at the place where the groups did their full-on performance, which gave me a chance to see many times how sucky the musicianship becomes when a high school band tries to dance and play at the same time. Missed a lot by flipping back and forth and muting the obnoxious commercials. Toyota is running a bait and switch where they start with an intro which looks like a historical Thanksgiving piece, and then abruptly cuts to the most boring cars-on-car-carriers video with Ride of the Valkyries playing too loudly. The video minus the sound is Just Stupid. With the sound it is obscene. And there was so much Black Friday crap from the land of the cretins I almost wore out the mute button.

The games were not bad. I missed most of the Green Bay game watching the parade, Dallas-Miami was close and well played. The national anthem was sung by a pretty good male a capella quartet. Interesting arrangement. SF-Baltimore was a boring defensive battle, neither team has a competent QB but both have killer defenses. May as well have been watching golf.

At about the start of the last game I finally found my cauldron, and made up a batch of chicken soup. I'll keep it on low overnight and cool it in the morning and divvy it up into freezer storage containers. Saving some for lunch, of course. It's my own recipe for medicinal chicken soup, modified from what Mom used to make. All dark meat, plus giblets and hearts. Parsnip & onion, sweet peas & button mushrooms, lentils, split peas and barley and a variety of spices. Bullion powder is my salt substitute.

The cauldron had me worried. I thought it was in the back of the cabinet where the mixing bowls were stored, but it wasn't. It was not in any of the next 5 logical places. I even looked in the outdoor storage room. Finally found it in the back of the cabinet which is twin to the one I thought it was in, on the other side of the stove. Behind the syrups, honey, etc. It belongs on the other side of the kitchen, in the bottom large cabinet on the sink side of the room, behind the mixing bowls.

I also had a small panic when I emailed someone she could borrow my camcorder, and it wasn't where I thought I had put it. Again, 5 or 6 places later, I found it in a box on the top shelf of the closet in the study. It's my box of spare large computer parts (keyboards, etc.). When I found it I remember putting it in there because I "knew" I wouldn't be using it any time soon.

I had seen both these items in the apartment after I moved, so I knew it wasn't the movers.

I watched the games with the netbook on a TV table on battery (every now and then I like to run the battery down to 10% and re-charge it). I put some stuff up for sale on eBay: My HTC Thunderbolt smartphone, a battery charger and extended battery for t, and a pair of slightly less extended batteries. Found the original box for the phone too, right where I thought it would be.

My plan was to have clam chowder, followed by turkey dogs on hot dog buns with Dijon and sauerkraut with a side of creamed corn. I had the chowder, but was not very hungry or motivated so I threw two turkey corn dogs into the microwave and ate them straight.

Dinner was a microwaved Marie Calendar's turkey pot pie. I am not overly fond of those because they used white meat, but it's a complete meal, sort of. I completed it with a bowl of sliced banana with two scoops of chocolate and one of coffee ice cream, topped with chocolate syrup, chopped peanuts, and whipped cream. And 3 Maraschino cherries.

Have been concerned that the piano tuner's check has not cleared. I print my own checks, and this was the first one for the TechCU account. Today my second check did clear, so I'm guessing the piano tuner is one of those people who deposits checks once a month.

Plans for tomorrow:
Post office, maybe.
Clocktower coffee, maybe
Chicken soup, definitely
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