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There's a sci-fi short story I read a long time ago set in the future when, for no apparent reason, everything runs smoothly. Two people are in an automat marveling at this. One of the ubiquitous features of this world is tips are always a dime. The punchline at the end comes when one of these people asks the other who was doing all the work. A service person delivers their food, holds out his hand and says "dime". And that's the answer. But the author leaves it to the reader to make the connection.

My father used to collect dimes. He started when he was a child, collecting old dimes out of pocket change. He would sort them by year, mint location, and approximate condition and when he got enough he would make a roll. He used notebook paper for most of the rolls (Dad would never buy something made from paper if he could use some scrap paper for the job). When he and Mom moved from the senior apartments to the home, he gave me his shoebox full of dime rolls, and a couple of manufactured display folders collectors use which has a slot for one of each.  One is labeled "Mercury" Head Dime 1916 to 1945 and the other is Barber, Liberty Head or "Morgan" Dime, 1892 to 1916. The earliest he has is 1898. None of them are in good condition, but it's neat to see them at all.

There was one box in the bedroom, a small one which I thought had some theater junk - makeup and props - which I finally got around to unpacking today. The shoebox and folders of dimes was in there, along with my states quarters boxed set. Also inside was a set of about a dozen red star sapphires in a small display holder. What was on top was a bota bag from Man of La Mancha, a pair of prop granny glasses and a can of catnip spray. Everything now is in a closet where it belongs, and the box is broken down and waiting to go to the recycle area.
The day got off to a good start, I drove to the Sunnyvale PO, which was empty - no line except at the passport window. I mailed the two sample bad calendars back to VistaPrint, re-mailed the one to my nephew which had been rudely (and illegally) returned to sender, and one of the good ones from the new batch to the mother of the boy whose photo is for March in the new edition. Also slipped my nastygram to the IRS into the mail slot.
Home, the rest of the day was lazy, Inc. Well, not all, I hauled some cardboard to the recycle area. The plan for lunch was cole slaw from the lobster place and chicken soup from last night's batch. The cole slaw tasted off, so it went back into the fridge. The kitchen disposal is broken, I put an order in to maintenance to fix it. The toilet in the main bathroom is stopped up, so that's in the order too. Meanwhile what would go into the first is going into the fridge or a bag on the counter, and I'm using the small bathroom for the other. Which meant vacuuming it - I had not done a thorough job of when I moved the litterboxes to the next room.

I had been planning to take advantage of Verizon's buy back program for the almost unused HTC phone, but they were only offering $93, so I listed it on ebay and someone took me up on my $175 buy-it-now price. So that is wrapped up and ready to ship Priority Mail tomorrow. Also discovered I had missed one cousin in England on the calendar list, so I printed out a label and filled out the customs form, so that's ready to go too.

Mostly watched college football all day. Took a nap somewhere before dinner. Dinner was a side of mac & cheese, mixed veggies, turkey dogs, dijon and sauerkraut. Just as good a day later.

Two football thoughts:

1. It is Just Plain Wrong for the big intrastate rivalry games in the Pac8 Pac10 Pac12 to not be the final game of the season.
2. WTF is it with football players parking their mouth guards in their facemasks? Usually right at the top, the part which gets the dirtiest during the game? Disgusting & unsanitary.

An this bon mote from an announcer who noted that some of the players were playing so hard they had grass stains on their shoulderpads. The other announcer pointed out it was artificial turf.

Plans for tomorrow:
More cardboard to the recycle place
Meet J for coffee
Is there a midnight show for Muppets? I want to see that with an adult audience.
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