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Thai Lyrics Books

susandennis said she had never heard of lyric books, so I plucked a couple of the pirated pre-copyright agreement books I bought in Thailand in the 70's, and scanned in a few pages. The mistakes are not as plentiful as I remembered, at least in these booklets. I just spotted on the shelf two full sized books which probably include a lot of amusing lyrics, but it's tired and I'm getting late, so here you go. Click on an image to pop up the full size version.

Diamonds Are Forever Cover

Diamonds Are Forever 2: Bread: Everything I Own

Diamonds Are Forever 3: Simon & Garfunkel: The Times They Are A Changing

Diamonds Are Forever 4: Simon & Garfunkel: Kathy's Song, Kosie Color Cake Ad, Thai Music editorial

The Guitar Cover

The Guitar 2: I.S. Song Hits ad, The Brothers Four: El Paso pg. 1

The Guitar 3: The Brothers Four: El Paso pgs. 2-3

The Guitar 4: The Brothers Four: Four Strong Winds

The Guitar 5: Judy Collins: Both Sides Now

The Guitar 6: The Brothers Four: Jamaica Farewell, Sloop John B.

The Guitar 7: Thai write-ups on The Pentangle, Gordon Lightfoot, John Denver, Judy Collins

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