Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
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Second Sunday of the Week

Similar to Friday but different. I woke up way too late to get to NASA for the 7 am launch of the Mars "Curiosity" rover. Not a huge deal for me, I'm far more interested in the science it will do in about 6 months.

After the post office run (the PO had a line this time, and most of us had several items to mail) I had my bi-weekly manicure, then went home and watched the Oregon-Oregon State game, which started out sloppy but ended with some action. As usual, when the game looked like it was out of reach for OSU, they put the camera on the announcers and missed huge chunks of what was a major come-back. There was a crucial on-side kick which they missed. Idiots.

The officials were way too trigger happy with pass interference calls and mistaking an outstanding block for holding. They apparently had decided before the game that if a defensive player was on the ground, he must have been blocked in the back or held. The replays showed they were mostly wrong about that, but like the pea-brained NFL, the NCAA won't allow penalty calls to be reviewed.

The Oregon uniforms are pug ugly - a very dark teal, when they should be grass green or maybe even bright green. The numbers looked like old school magnetic readable ones, like you have on your printed checks, those who still know what a printed check looks like. Ugly, not very readable.

Went back to MV and Clocktower coffee and had my weekly chat with J. She is getting ready for a trip to the Antarctic. Next year she thinks her December trip will be India. I may go with her. But it's too soon to tell.

Home again, watched the Stanford-Notre Dame game. We have a LOT of Catholic schools here, so there was a very large and vocal Irish cheering section. After a rough start, Stanford humiliated their opponents. Luck was not at the top of his form, but he threw some impressive long bombs.

Stanford also was wearing too-dark uniforms. When you are called The Cardinal (as in cardinal red) your uniforms ought to be that color, yes? Apparently not.
Here's a cardinal:

Here's Stanford's blood red uniforms:


One excellent thing about both games was the sportsmanship. Players helped pick players off the turf regardless of which uniform they wore. After the games most everyone on both teams shook hands with, patted shoulders, sometimes hugged, and respect was shown all around. There were no fights during either game.

Plans for tomorrow:
None really. I suppose there's a Seahawks game on.
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