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Humpday Tidbits

I'm on call this week. Yesterday at 4 pm I took a support call which ended up lasting till 10 pm, and involved at least a dozen people on a conference call. Bottom line: we had to shut down services on our machines to work around someone else's stupid networking mistake. At 4 am I was paged, they had fixed the mistake and wanted to services re-started. Grumble. Somehow I did it in my sleep, all is well, I sent email around saying I was sleeping in.

Woke up around 9:30, did my morning stuff, remembered I had promised another customer to log into his system and fix something. Did that from home, got to work around noon. Quiet day at work.

Last night's adventure made me miss my Perl class, which I was contemplating dropping. Tonight I went online and dropped it. I can learn more from the book than I would in this class. I may try taking the online version, since it's tax deductible. I had only signed up for the on-campus one to meet women, but there were none I was interested in.

A friend called, she has tickets to The Lion King in SJ next week. I wouldn't pay $$ to see it, but will gladly do so for free.

Peace Corps hang-out tonight at Tied House in SJ got blown off when I saw the Sharks are playing. That place becomes a madhouse of hockey fandom when the home team is on the tube.

Picked up my dry cleaning, the Thai silk jacket, pants & shirts, and dropped off a the matching pants which somehow ended up under Domino this morning. I could have sworn I ordered midnight blue, but the suit is a kind of deep purple. I'm tempted to order burgundy & midnight blue pants & shirts. Another jacket would never get worn.

Replacement hard drive arrived, I fired it up, it worked fine. All three drives show up fine. Decisions decisions:

  1. Create a RAID0 array with two drives and leave the third as a boot drive

  2. Create a RAID 5 array out of all three drives

  3. Buy a fourth drive and Create a RAID 1+0 array

RAID 0 is faster, best for capturing video which I do a bunch of. But if I lose one drive, I lose all the content. 800GB is a lot to back up.
Raid 5 is slower, but if you lose a drive, just put in a new one and it will rebuild.
Raid 1+0 combines mirroring with speed, but is slowest.

These are pretty fast drives, in a dual core machine, so I'm inclined to choose Door #2.

Bought gas. Am amazed how quickly we went from $1.99 to $2.55. Blame Bush.

Speaking of which, our customer last night was pissed because the State of the Onion address was starting at about the time their network was being hosed, and last year they set all-time records delivering video on demand movies during the SOB SOU address.

Why is Consonance on the same night as the Oscars? We'll miss the Best Original Filk in a Documentary presentation. Not to mention Best Supporting Filker, which I was disappointed to not be nominated for again this year. figmo probably has a lock on that one, anyway.

Addressed an envelope to my Thai friend Noi, and just finished firing up Pagemaker to print out a couple of sheets of photos of us in Bangkok. Did it in PM so I could print on full sheets, and then cut to fit the envelope. Am also including stamps left over from my trip, so she'll get the hint and mail me. I need her home address (sending this to her work).

Printed up new biz cards with current grey-haired photo. New slogan:
Saving the World One Pun @ a Time
Illusions Shattered While You Wait

1 am. Bedtime. Bye!

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