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Movie Day

Watched the Raiders once again manage to almost beat themselves. Was miffed that the Seahawks game was not being carried locally. I see they did manage to beat themselves.

Spent some quality time with the cats. At one time both had one arm of the recliner. Went to Fry's in search of replacement batteries for a laser the cats sometimes will chase, but Fry's has let their battery section go all to hell, and they did not have any of these. Also looked for a netbook bag, but there was nothing with an outside pocket suitable for carrying the charger until we got to the full sized laptop bags. Was about to leave empty handed when I decided to check out the chocolates. They had two new 85% ones, and macadamia roca. And as I was paying for those, I noticed they had the lasers with the same batteries - $1.99 the set. Each battery usually costs $1 or more. So I got a new laser.

Looked at the movie schedules, and saw two ways to see both Hugo and The Muppets at times when there would be minimal children. Did that, it worked fine.

Hugo is a brilliant film, Sir Ben Kingsley is perfect, as usual, Jude Law is excellent in the small but critical part they gave him. There was far too much of that Sasha Cohen guy, though I have to say the filigree on his hat is quite beautiful. He keeps calling his dog "boy" when the dog is clearly female. The title role, unfortunately, was written for the generic child actor, and that's what they cast. For those of us who were born in the early 1900s, the plot is an amazing mystery, but for those of us growing up in 1940 or later, not so much.  The mystery is about what was, at the time the book was written, a man whose pioneering movies had been forgotten. It focuses on one particular trademark image from what is probably his most famous movie. I have seen dozens of his movies, and this particular one probably a hundred times. It was a favorite of my father's when he was a boy.  

The sets are fantastic, lots of gears and pendulums (please people, it is NOT steampunk. It is punk-less. It is clockwork.) There is a brief homage to Harold Lloyd, which we are hit over the head with in the most brutal way later in the show. The lighting is excellent throughout, I don't know enough of that period's costumes to know how well they were done, but I suspect they are mostly 50 years too modern. There are some phenomenal effects, especially in the two dream sequences.

One thing which made it worth full price for me was the multiple romantic sub-plots.

The Muppets was disappointing. Except for the theme song and a couple of rock hits not written for the movie, the songs and lyrics are lame. A total waste of Amy Adams, except that the final scene is a spoof of Enchanted. The leading man hurt my eyes. All the muppets were true to the originals, the bad guy was ably played by Chris Cooper, but they gave him miserable lines. There were lots of cool cameos, I didn't recognize Alan Arkin. The movie has some cute moments, and some nostalgic ones, but it didn't hold together very well.

There was a very cute Toy Story short before the movie.

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