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I thought it was a brilliant idea. The cats love tuna more than life itself, and the vet said to stick with high protein, high water content canned food for Pumpkin's diabetes. So I bought a flat (24 cans) of Friskies Ocean fish & tuna flakes in watery gravy to replace the Friskes Mariner's Catch paté, opened two of them, filed two bowls and set them out. That was yesterday morning. They ate voraciously for a while, but had only vacuumed about 1/3 each by the time I left for work.

When I got home from work yesterday, both bowls were licked clean. I had planned on doing a bunchathingsonline™, but the big glop of poo on the carpet in the study needed to be cleaned up first. After the initial relocation of mass to the litterbox, much time was spent with my minimalist carpet "steamer" which does not heat the water, it expects you to feed it steamy hot soapy mixture. Even the lightest offenses require 5 minutes. This took at least 15.

That done, I sat down in the recliner to watch MNF, but noticed something strange - the throw rug in front of the patio door, on which the cats like to watch the world go by, was folded up on itself. Closer inspection under the fold revealed another load of tuna-colored poo. More time cleaning up. Which prompted me to do a nook-by-nook inspection of the apartment, which showed one more gift - Domino had barfed most of a can of the stuff onto the floor of the bedroom closet. It was dry, vacuum was all it needed.

Part of the problem is the litterboxes were both needing changing. Petco was supposed to have delivered 6 refills Monday.

Online, was not surprised that Petco had lost my refill order for the 3rd time. Went into emergency spending mode, ordered a real carpet steamer (there are a lot of high traffic points in this place, and if I put down throw rugs the cats will just pee on them). Signed up for repeating litterbox refill deliveries on Amazon (I had them in the past, but they only offer monthly as the most frequent, and I'd rather have weekly. Petco's subscription price is lower, too.) And I also ordered a pair of new litterboxes, because part of the problem is the rakes on the ones I have, which are supposed to be Teflon coated, keep jamming.

Watched some of the game, then headed to BASFA. Nice to see Brianna there. Her husband brought her. I love her art work. His, not as much. Not a big crowd, but many people who have not been showing up much lately.

My calendar once again went for a single $1 bid. So that's it for auctioning them. Lots of lip service, but they cost $11 to print, and ought to bring in at least $5 for the club.

No canned food for the cats last night or this morning, until I was able to make a pre-work emergency run to PetSmart, which has canned food which they tolerate well. Also picked up dry food, and a pair of litterbox refills. And noticed their litterboxes were on sale for $20 less than the ones on Amazon. I may buy a pair. The litterboxes they sell are slightly different in design, I'll see if they work better, I suspect not. They only had one flat of the flavor of canned food, so I bought them out.

Very quiet at work. Did an evaluation of one of my co-workers, gave him all the highest ratings because he works his tail off, intelligently, goes over and above and is a Nice Guy to boot. We were also supposed to start filling in our own page of goals (invented the goals 3 months ago, supposed to enter if we achieved them) but the page would not let me in.

I'm watching a test I set up on two TV screens in the lab, but there's a bad feed to my multiplexer, and at some scene changes the kids on Nick look like they are jumbled mosaics. It sort of affects the test, but not enough to bother IT about to fix the feeds.

More later....

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