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Not much more to say. Spent an hour at one of the Starbucks near work, and regretted it. They are now in full Jesus Music mode. I will not be patronizing them again until next year.

Home, had matzoh balls and chicken soup and a serving of clam strips for dinner, chocolate ice cream for dessert.

The only delivery today was a case for the netbook. Third time's the charm. The first two claimed to be for 10.2" computers, but they are not that big, and once the netbook is inside there is no room anywhere for the power brick. This one is much better, the only nitpick I have is the outside pocket for the power brick closes with velcro and not a zipper. BFD, I'm happy.

With the cats back on PetSmart's house brand Sophisticat mariner's catch canned food, there were no gastronomical surprises.

I caught up on Tvio - the WSU-UW game, Huskies won but Wazoo put up more of a fight than I thought they were capable of. Pawn Stars looks like it will be dropping off the season pass list. That Rick guy who owns the place lowballs everything. I am amazed at how many suckers accept his ridiculously low offers. As if he's the only pawn shop in Vegas. Sheesh.

Also watched HDnet's Girls Gone Wild series for the last couple of weeks. Lots of topless women, but way too much screen time for the camera crew, the production board and the Hugh Hefner wannabe who has no class at all. Okay, he's classier than Ron Jeremy, but not by much.

Checked my IRA for the first time in a couple of months, moved some cash into tax-free bonds for no particular reason. Also found some pocket change which never got transferred from T. Rowe Price when I moved my IRA out of there. TRP had given me an incredibly stupid hard time in liquidating my parents' assets after their death, displaying zero common sense, or humanity and even less knowledge of living trust law, so I split my business between Scottrade and Vanguard, which both went to great lengths to make that difficult time as painless as possible.

Did I mention that at about 3:45 am I woke up for a potty visit and found both cats curled up near each other near my feet on the bed?

Plans for tomorrow:
Kaiser @ 4 for a sleep apnea test information session.
Tags: cats, food, football, sociology, twits

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