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I talk too much

Today at work reminded me of George Burns' famous line about his wife: "I asked her 'how's your brother' and she talked for 20 years". My next door neighbor likes to come over and ask me things about American culture, languages and other stuff that he figures I know more about than him just because he didn't grow up in America. And I tend to branch off into stream of consciousness mode. For instance, today he wanted to know what a "bird's-eye view" was, and half an hour later we were comparing the use of tone marks in Thai vs. Vietnamese.

Other than that, it was dead boring. I tried to read the presentation on test automation, but hit a snag right off when the slides didn't match at all what I saw on my PC.

Had a 4 pm appointment at Kaiser to be in an info session about sleep study. The Homestead campus parking is a nightmare. It was not designed, it just kind of fell from the sky. I finally found a place in the hospital's parking garage, which is a considerable walk. I was 15 minutes early but there was a long line. Bottom line, the classroom filled up most of the way, about 50 people. Very few fat folk, no one who took up more than one chair. That surprised me.

They gave us a form to fill out, but it wasn't collected until after, and won't be used unless/until we take the study.

The doctor gave a pretty good presentation, and surprised us all by telling us they don't do the test in a clinic, they set us up with the equipment, send us home to sleep, and the next morning we return the stuff and they download the biometrics and take it from there. The theory being we sleep better in our own beds. Which makes sense until you consider that we are all there because we can't sleep for shit in our own beds. I did learn a few things about sleep apnea and snoring which I did not know. At least two of them were not true. But in his defense, the doctor prefaced these items by saying they were not true for everyone. Some people with sleep apnea don't present any of the classic symptoms, some who do don't have the malady.

But he hit enough buttons that I wanted to be tested, so I joined the long line again, and the best I was able to get was 12/15 at 3 pm. You would think they would  be scheduling evening appointments. Oh well. My main concern is it's no picnic getting there when the diamond lanes are enforced, and when parking is its most difficult.

By the time all that was over it made no sense to go back to work, so home it was. There were four boxes waiting for me:
Two new automatic litterboxes
The high-powered steam cleaner
The RMA batch of calendars from Vistaprint

That last was my first project. Looked at every page of all 25 calendars, and all the images were ok. One calendar had been trimmed wrong, the loops which are supposed to hold the spiral binding were clipped off. But I'm letting that pass since they printed 25 to replace 15 bad ones, so I'm still ahead by 9.

The litterboxes are parked in the study until the ones in place now need a change of refills.

Put the steam cleaner together, and there was a mystery moment when it looked like there was a hose piece with nowhere to plug it in, and no mention of the piece in the quick assembly guide. The full manual had the clue - this is the high end model and the hose is an optional attachment for cleaning furniture. So I set that aside, filled up the tank, and took a few swipes at Poo Corner, which went well, so then I attacked the high traffic area in front of the cats' food & water station. Excellent. I am pleased. Now I need to haul the old cheap one out to the trash, and that huge box too.

All that was done on schedule - I wanted to wait till 7:30 before going to Walmart across the bay, which is now the closest one to me. It's also a newer, nicer store with slightly higher class clientèle. W*M is my preferred purveyor of body wash, shampoo, conditioner, lotion and (depending on the price) ding dongs, donettes, and other Hostess goodies. Got what I came for, plus a couple of other items which were on my "pick them up if you see them" list.

Home again, put everything away, made a microwave dinner, munched on some of the pistachios I picked up at W*M, and watched a little bad TV. How come all the repo reality shows are populated with the ugliest, stupidest repo agents?

Plans for tomorrow:
Shift some cardboard to the dumpster
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