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Falling Asleep Again, What Am I To Do?

I felt like i was channeling Marlene Dietrich at work today. There's a classic satire Forbidden Broadway does of her Falling in Love Again which mocks the bored delivery she gave of the song in one of her films. Oddly enough, the three or four versions I see on YouTube are fairly energetic. 
Maybe it was this 1954 recording:

She sure looked great for for 62 in this clip:

David Maloney, a folksinger who is about my age, sang it at his last two concerts, and it was a hoot. I should get the sheet music and use it for auditions.

Anyhow, this morning the automation guy solved the mystery for me, turns out his class presentation completely skipped the part about needing to download and get license files from him of the program we use. So he set me up with that, and I spent most of the rest of the day running the tutorials which were pretty cool, but for some reason I kept nodding off. I slept really well last night, or at least I think I did.

Quick lunch at Carl's Jr., didn't finish it. $6 burger is worth $1.98.

While I was at work the apartment rep called, she said the maintenance guy tried to come into the place to fix the heat like I'd asked, but the cats were poised to escape. I told her they can easily be shooed back inside, not to worry. When I got home there was a note that they'd been there (they never say what they did), and enough evidence that they had c hecked all the vents and looked at the heater/aircon unit on the patio. No way to check it - the neighbors are heating my apartment at the moment - 71° with my thermostat set for 68. The problem is that when it gets to 67, the fan comes on but not the heat, and it wasn't coming into the master bedroom at all.

The 12 kitty litter refills were there when I got home, but there was Seahawks game on, so I watched till halftime and then unpacked those, folded up the empty boxes they came in, put them into the big box which the steamer had come in, added a couple of other boxes which were waiting for their recycle time, put them all on a hand cart and rolled them out to the garage dumpsters. Lots more room in front of the door now.

Heated up some matzo balls and chicken soup for dinner. Dessert was coffee ice cream.

Seahawks won handily, and iced it with an interception with 30 seconds to go which put the ball a couple of inches from the goal line. Instead of running up the score, they took a knee. Classy move.

It was a pretty clean game, not a lot of penalties, only one tiny skirmish after a field goal.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work, more automation fun
Maybe go to the Retrodome. Maybe.
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