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Too Lazy

last night to write anything. So here goes.

Work was a whole day of learning the automation program. It's called QF-Test, was built in Germany, and has a pretty easy to follow series of tutorials. It's weird because what the program does is a lot of fun - remote controls a GUI while you watch - but somehow I find the learning very boring. Went to Carl's Jr with the automation guy for lunch - he had bought a page of discount coupons for $6 which totals about $200 in savings - the company had arranged for a coupon company to come in 12/1 and sell all kinds of these. Trouble is most of the discounts are 2-fers or family discounts so I didn't get any.

Home, litterboxes were not only needing changing but malfunctioning. The refills they sell at PetSmart are missing the poo-catcher flap, which also prevents the crystals from being pushed out the back. So, time to toss those, remove the old litterboxes and replace them with the new ones. Domino wanted very much to anoint the Astroturf™ carpet on which I had the litterboxes and it was a PITA to keep shooing her away while I was un-boxing the litterboxes and then the refills. Looking at them this morning, it looks like I was right about the old boxes' rakes being defective. The new boxes are working much better, so far. I'll know for sure in a couple of days .

That was hard work. Hit the recliner, turned on the TV (I was going to say "tube" but it doesn't have any :-) ), and watched the last 2 minutes of the first half of the Pac-12 so-called championship game. UCLA did not deserve to be there, and Oregon ended the half ahead something like 35-17. Watched another game while halftime was on - it was a very long halftime break, I know not why. The second half was pretty good, though Oregon slacked off a bit and allowed UCLA to looks like a legitimate contender for a while. 24-35. But soon enough the Ducks scored twice in a short amount of time, final score was 31-49. I was happy to hear them announce that UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel had been fired.

I graduated from Rainier Beach High School in Seattle and the University of Washington. Some time after I graduated, RN inherited the head coach position at Colorado, and the team won big time, maybe even looked like national champs. The team had been built by his predecessor, but he got the glory. The UW wanted to hire him, but he insisted on a $1 million a year salary, which was an order of magnitude more than anyone else at the UW was making. It was an outrageous amount, especially for a young mostly-unproven coach from a smaller school. But some alumni chipped in and the deal was done. RN did not have a lot to work with, and his teams failed miserably. He was also not well-liked by the players or other coaches, to the point where the UW split out the job of head of athletics (which had always been part of the football coach's job) and gave it to (gasp!) a woman.

She did not like him at all, and started digging up dirt on him. She had him fired for betting on basketball games, which was against NCAA rules. BTW this is my take on it, the Official Version is more like she discovered the NCAA was going to sanction him for betting on NCAA basketball games, which meant he would be suspended for 2 years, so she told him to resign or be fired, and he refused to resign.

RN filed a wrongful termination suit, and I think he figured on getting his job back, because he stayed in Seattle, unemployed, and volunteered as a coach at Rainier Beach High School. RBHS demographics had changed dramatically since I had been there, and he was working with potential state champions.

Long story short, the NCAA did not sanction him when it was discovered the UW had sent a memo to athletic department staff (wrongfully) saying it was ok to participate in basketball pools. RN won his suit, but not his job. He bailed from RBHS as soon as that was settled, and took a job with the Baltimore Ravens.

Played on the computer for the rest of the evening.

This morning the apartment was not at the 72° I'd set it for, so I checked the thermostat and saw the maintenance folk had effed up the programming, the clock was set for 5:11 pm, and the overnight temps were set for 64. So, 15 minutes spent correcting that. After a few days of cold, my neighbors are once again heating my apartment for me, so it never got down to 64, just down to 68.

Photo shoot at 1 pm
Psychotronic film festival at 7-ish, if I can get up there in time.
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