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Too busy Saturday to post here. Started the day by shoving the old litterboxes into the boxes which the new ones came in, and hauling them out to the dumpster.

1 pm went to a photo shoot, a new meetup.com organizer found a couple of very amateur models and 10 photographers for a 3-hour session. The "studio" is a section in an industrial row in Santa Clara, and it has a couple of good things going for it, including an "airlock" entrance (two doors separated by about 4 feet of space), a small WC, and no windows, except for the ones built into the doors.

Unfortunately, to make that airlock and restroom area, the room is oddly shaped - looks like a Tetris piece. Our host chose to set up his backdrops in the narrowest part of the room, and put the makeup artist and model's area in the wide part. Bottom line is the space was way too narrow for the full-length shots we were mostly going for. It could have been a win if the models had clear complexions or the makeup artist had applied stage makeup instead of street makeup, but in my three 5-minute sessions (one per model, plus one with both models) there is not a single picture I would post online. I'll probably nuke them all.

But it was not a total loss, one of the other photographers told me about some upgrades to Photoshop which I had been waiting for, so this afternoon I upgraded to the latest version. Also got Lightroom at a discount, and have been playing with it a little.

Back to Saturday. After the photo shoot and processing my pix, it was time to head for Foothill and the Psychotronix Film Festival. It's always fun, but not so much this year. A lot of the clips they dredged up were snoozers, especially a couple of ancient ones from Poland with vaguely Christmas themes. There were several of a series of what looked like 1950s music videos which had very high production values, and featured a (usually Black) solo singer and a backup dance team of extremely white college-aged girls. The same ones in each video. Surreal. There one clip which started out looking promising, from 1962, what looked like an ad for an indoor auto race track toy series. It soon became clear that this was meant to be shown to the buyers, not the general public. And eventually it became clear they were going to do a full campaign for every one of their 7,584 toys. We could have been fine with splitting some of those up, and leaving some on the cutting room floor.

As usual, there was a wide variety of pretty good door prizes. I'm guessing about 50 were given away. I was not a winner. Again. Not even close. And the MC,Robert Emmett, was great.

It started at 7, I thought it would be over by 10, but it ran past 11, and I had not eaten since lunch, so I plugged IHOP into the GPS and went for pancakes. I brought my netbook with me, but they didn;t have wi-fi. One more reason to go to Denny's. I ordered a hot fudge sundae for dessert. After a few minutes the waiter came back and asaid they were all out of vanilla ice cream, would chocolate be okay? He said it like it was bad news. Sheesh. Come to think of it, the same thing happened to me the last time I went to an IHOP and ordered that - different branch, though.

Sunday. I slept till 11. At one point during the night Pumpkin was curled up in my arm and Domino was alongside my leg, continuing the snake. Lazy day, I didn't leave the apartment till about 6.

In football news I watched the end of the Raiders' game, all of the 49ers, and the end of the Saints-Lions. Niners still don't have a quarterback. When Smith first started 5 years ago, I chalked it up to him being an arrogant jerk, who was getting the kind of treatment Warren Beatty got in Heaven Can Wait - scroll to about 5:52 in this clip:

But it has been 5 years, and he still hasn't shown anywhere near the skills of Mr. Farnsworth. Sigh. The coaches have done a great job of working around this, and they keep winning games. Kind of like the 2010 SF Giants. I'll take it over the last few seasons.

Went shopping, once again the GPS sent me to a Safeway which has been closed for years. The nearest one is actually only half a mile from there. Stocked up on lunchbox things and frozen dinners.

In other news, the new litterboxes are functioning as advertised. I'm pretty sure the extra-fancy Teflon-coated replacement rakes I had bought for the old ones had their fingers set too close together. Maybe just coating them made the difference.

Plans for tomorrow:
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