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Part of my role in life is to be annoying. I could pussyfoot and say I'm a challenge, it's an educational experience, but I don't have such a high opinion of my motives.

In theatre news, I was not cast in Lyric Theatre's The Pirates of Penzance and I am very disappointed in the directors for passing me up. I'd have made a splendid pirate, and a solid voice in the chorus.

They still have not posted a cast list, which is irksome, but the producer gave those who have been cast permission to blab. The only person who had done so so far is the leading lady, who was leading lady for the last show I was in with the group, and I've seen her in other things. She's a good choice. Rehearsals don't start until the end of January, so they have some time yet to finalize things. But it is still odd that they have not put *anything* on the web site. In fact, they never even put the names of the staff online, except for on the auditions page, which is now gone.

I'm not interested in their next show, so I'm done with this group for the season, unless they find a new crew chief, which does not seem likely. I was crew for the final show of last season, and it was slightly less fun than it should have been, thanks to a hyper crew chief.

If I get really bored I may take a weekend day and help paint the set. Or not.

The way I found out for sure I was not cast is the producer emailed me with a HUGE apology for the delay. It seems she had put the "no thanks" pile of applications somewhere safe, and completely forgot about them for weeks. We go back a long way. She and I were supporting characters in a Menlo Players show, Room Service way back in 1992. I played the title role. She played the NYC chorus girl type. We both had worked backstage on that last show, but we both look a lot different now, and did not recognize each other. She noticed it while reading my resume at auditions. Anyhow, I wrote back that no apology was needed because usually I just look at the cast list when it is posted to see if I made chorus. Not being called back meant I was not in the running for a leading/supporting role.

Also in theater news, this is a time of year I hate, because most of my friends are in or helping with the predictable Christmas plays. This year I am making a small exception and going to see a holiday musical revue which was written by a local director/composer for whom I auditioned earlier in the year, but did not get cast because of a calendar conflict. I was going to be gone for tech week. There is also a long-ago connection there which he does not know about, but it's in my small world files. In 1981 I was a repair tech for TRW, and they sent me to a lawyer's office to un-jam and repair a printer. Probably a dot matrix. What was stuck in the machine was the first couple of pages of a contract in which the aforementioned director was signing himself up to direct and star in a production of Fiddler on the Roof in which he was a major shareholder. At the time I thought that was awfully pretentious of him, but now that I know him a little, I can see him pulling it off.


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