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Work: uneventful. Boss was out sick, team meeting was short (no updates from boss on weekly engineering meetings). Lunch was at El Pollo Loco, which I have always wondered why it is not called La Polla Loca, since we don't traditionally eat roosters. I like their roast dark meat chicken, and they have some delicious sides. They insist of a choice of flour or corn tortilla, I don't see how those go with roast chicken. They also don't include a knife - I always have to go back and ask for one. Fried chicken I can eat with my hands, but not roasted.

Discovered there is a Togo's cleverly hidden real close to the apartment, and stopped in to get dinner (meatball sandwich) and tomorrow's lunch (pastrami). It's in a strip mall which can be seen from the expressway, but there's no entry from the expressway. My GPS did not know what to do with the address. When I say it can be seen from the expressway, that's in theory. This particular Togo's has stealth signage, you can hardly tell what it is when you are right there.

Home, the Internet Radio had arrived. Played with that just enough to be frustrated, put it aside after connecting it to my home wi-fi, and watched the Jacksonville Jaguars fall apart after a promising first quarter against San Diego. Jealous of the Floridians in their swim suits.

Meanwhile, the litterboxes are holding up quite well.

Played with the radio some more, and there is a major WTF about the stations it lists. I uploaded new firmware, maybe that will fix things, maybe not. The main reason I got the thing is my apartment is blocking all the AM stations to some degree, and I can't get 560 or 580, which carry Coast To Coast AM at night. I have been using that as falling asleep talk radio, though I have to say I liked it an order of magnitude better when Art Bell was the host, and most of the talk was UFO quackery. They now rotate hosts at random, with George Noory as the main one. Lately there have been far too many guests focusing on angels and other religion-inspired fantasies, and a lack of UFO subjects. Also rare are scientific looks at the measurable paranormal - remote viewing, premonitions, psychokinesis, etc. Used to be a lot of that, mostly presented by believers and neutrally moderated by Bell. But it is still mindless chatter.

After some poking around on my phone's internet radio app, I found that WOR in New York carries the program, and it carries it without the inane survivalist/Geico/credit card debt/tax lawyer ads which the local stations pack in there. It took a while, but I found WOR on the internet radio. And discovered that just about any genre I want is on their NY list. I still would like to get KFJC, KLIV and KCBS, but it's not critical, I can get those on all the other radios in the place.

It has dual programmable alarms, one is set for weekdays the other for weekends. It took a while, but I found how to change the clock from 24 hour to 12 hour time. It uses NTP to sync to internet time, which is a major plus. So I'm mostly happy with it, just need to poke around a bit more. And yeah, it has several Thai stations.

Plans for tomorrow:
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