Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Somewhat productive day

Got to do some actual work today. Plucked some test cases from the newly-reset database and ran a couple. Two co-workers went home with colds.:-(

Lunch was at Denny's, kind of by mistake. I decided to drive down a road where I'd seen an off-brand gas station on the theory that where there is gas there is food. But there wasn't, and the road made a 90° turn to El Camino, and heading back toward work got me to Denny's. Had the Senior chicken fried steak, which was pretty good, and < $10.

Petco had sent me a notice that they had shipped the package of 6 litterbox refills which I had canceled after they missed the previous 2 shipments. So I called Fedex and told them to send them back. They sent the notice Sunday, but the package didn't actually get out their door until today. When I called, it was still sitting at Fedex in LA , about 3 miles from the Petco warehouse. 

The Christmas/winter decorations are up all over the place at work, and it is really disgusting how much of them there are, but very impressive how quickly they were set up. After work I went to a party store and got a cardboard palm tree and a couple of paper leis, which will be replacing the xmas stockings which were stuck on the outside of my cubicle.

There's a Safeway next door to the party store, so I picked up a handful of items which I'd forgotten the other day.

Fed the cats, swapped out the 2nd litterbox even though it didn't quite need it, and here I am at the tool of satan.

Plans for tomorrow:
Figure out a way to not attend the lunchtime holiday party in the break room, surrounded by Christmas trees and other highly denominational and asininely wintry decorations.
Oh wait, looking at the Moto calendar, the party is the 15th, and I have my sleep apnea appointment that afternoon. Easy enough to take a half day off.
Tags: cats, food, humor, religion, work

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