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The curtain rod and curtains were not as easy to install as they should have been. The anchors provided were weak, and two of them kept ripping out, so I had to use my own hardware for one side. This also meant drilling the holes further from the windows than planned, and the curtains are just a wee bit too narrow. Not by much, but they don't wrap around the sides of the u-shaped rod, they just cover the front of the window. Easy enough to fix. I can buy a couple of wider panels, and use these on the doors from the patio to the bedrooms. Or I can buy another panel and some more rings. Plan B would require disassembling the rod to put the rings on, so it's not high on my list of Plans.

Other than that, they are the color and opaqueness I wanted, the curtain rod is a lovely brushed nickel look. I am happy.

Lots to do at work, starting with shifting the two xmas stockings which had been hung on the outside wall of my cube and replacing them with a cardboard palm tree and two leis.

The break room was wall to wall to wall to wall holiday decorations, WAY overboard for our little gang of maybe 60 people. They had both xmas and chanukah covered, and more snowmen, icicles and other winter crap than I'd seen at any three other companies' holiday parties. They also overdid Thanksgiving last week, but that only annoyed the Canadians.

There was a "holiday feast" which I didn't go to. Partly because it was way too early, partly because it was a sparse buffet (three items), and partly because bah humbug. After a week of no real work to do, there was a pile of it today so their timing didn't work for me.

Boss postponed our 1on1, back pronblems sent him to the doctor instead. Tomorrow, hopefully. It has been a while.

Got email from the apartment folks that there was a package, called them, it was the Petco package which Fedex told me they were sending back. I told the folks at the desk to refuse it.

Home, had the Togos pastrami sandwich for dinner along with some Granzella's olives. The greek spiced ones are a total fail, not spicy at all, way salty, mushy too. The green olives are better, but I don't think they are quite cured. They did a very good job of packing the bottles, each in a huge bubble wrap cocoon. I think I may have to leave the olives set for a while. And then soak some of the brine out before eating more.

Email from Petco saying the only record they had was a chat I had with their rep setting up the recurring delivery. They missed the part about it not shipping until weeks later after I canceled the order. Their online system is wacked.

Plans for tomorrow:

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