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It Seems So Long Ago

Got up at 5 am and was out of the apartment 15 minutes later looking for the moon. I thought it would be visible from the patio, but it was around the other side of the apartment, I had to bundle up, and bring the camera and tripod around the the pool, which gave me a pretty good shot. It was about 35° out, too cold to want to set up the telescope, and besides which, about 1/4 of the moon was already eaten.

I took 95 photos over the course of a little more than an hour. Had to stop when the moon went below my horizon, just a little after totality. If I'd been on the shore of the Bay I might have had another half hour but still would not have seen the full recovery.

Looking at the photos, I made some wrong choices for exposure length - one of the disadvantages to my camera is the viewfinder isn't big enough to tell things like that. The last several shots were at between 4 and 6 seconds exposures, f/11-14 or thereabouts. I would have done better boosting the ISO and going with 1 second and f/11 or 16. Last chance till 2014, I am told, but this summer I hope to try some telescope shots of the moon again, now that I have the right kind of scope.

Being up so early confused the cats. As soon as I had the photos uploaded (about 7 am) I went back to bed.

Up at about 10:30, did not make it to the nail parlor in time for my usual 11 am walk-up, but they scheduled me for 2, which was fine, it gave me time to get another case of canned food from PetSmart and some produce at Safeway, and then sit down at the coffee shop next door and write the Charlie Brown review.

Just hung around with the cats, chicken soup w/matzo balls for a late lunch.

Around 6 I headed to Fremont, forgot how much closer my new place is and was way too early for the 7:30 show at Irvington HS. Moon Over Buffalo was one of the best high school productions I have ever seen, and was better than many college shows. The daughter of one of my FB theater friends was leading lady, which was why I went. She and the girl who played her daughter were both superb. Leading man was very good, especially considering the vast amount of lines he had, at least half of them were that difficult kind which are not orderly or in response to cues. He reminds me, however, of the guy who was leading man in most of my high school plays, a very talented actor who knew exactly how talented he was. Not conceited, but not humble either.

The audience was about 250 people, maybe 3/4 students, and they got more and more into it as the show progressed. At some point in the first act the laughter changed from laughing at seeing familiar faces in unfamiliar roles to genuinely enjoying the play itself. The final applause was the combination of clapping and shouting which I last heard at the end of a state championship football game. It felt so good to hear that aimed at a theater production.  

It was closing night and the director (aka drama teacher) had flowers for everyone. Everyone. Cast, crew, staff, assistants, supporters, parent volunteers, raffle basket coordinator. Everyone. And it was clear that he is well loved. It's his first year, and I hope they find a way to keep him despite the draconian budget cuts.

The end of the evening was super high-energy. I'm very glad I went. It totally made up for last night.

Used a program called TuneUp to clean up duplicates, correct mistakes in tagging and add cover art to my iTunes library. It took about three passes and a lot of manual intervention for all the art work to show up, and for all the tunes from a single album to show up as a single album. For a couple of albums I needed to download the art work and D&D it into iTunes. But it was easier than parsing 5300 tunes by hand, and it is complete and synced with the iPod which will go back into the car tomorrow.

Plans for  tomorrow:
Oil change for the car and maybe wash it too
Clean up & post the best of the eclipse photos
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