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Staying In

Slept till almost 11, not surprising with yesterday's early morning and late night.

Fired up the latest Photoshop and created a macro to crop the eclipse photos to roughly the center 1/4 of the image, and ran it against all the pictures. One thing I was pretty careful about as the moon moved in its arc toward the horizon, was to center it in the viewfinder regularly. After the cropping only three images were without a moon, so I simply removed them from the cropped set. Uploaded those to Flickr, and if I had any integrity I would put notes on each of them with the shutter speed and f stops. I may yet do that. Or not. I am feeling insanely lazy today.

Watched the Jets game until the network pulled a Heidi and switched to a different game which they thought was more competitive. Jerks. Spent the rest of the day flipping between the Raiders-Green Bay and 49ers-Arizona games. I've said it before and I'll say it again, the 49ers need a quarterback. This crap of four field goals from the red zone and relying solely on the defense and the running game is whacked. Raiders got their butts kicked hard early, but they stayed till the end, and even forced a safety. I have a special spot in my heart for safetys. One of the years I was at Rainier Beach HS in Seattle, we lost every game (I was in the band so I had to watch) except the one against Cleveland, which we won 2-0 when the opponent's QB tripped in the end zone, and fumbled, and one of our guys slipped and fell on the ball. Or at least that's the way I remember it.

Will probably watch the Dallas-Giants game tonight, which is on right now.

Got a letter from my insurance company that they are required to tell me that my renter's insurance does not cover earthquakes, and it would only cost $111 to add that for the year. Considering how long it has been since we had a major one, and I'm now on the bottom floor of a 3-story building, and the car is parked one floor below me, it seems like a reasonable price.

Tried to refill my prescription for Lipitor, but the Kaiser computer said I should still have enough left to last me till 12/30. I'll have to call and let them know that I'll be out of the stuff by 12/20. It is possible I lost a bottle of it in the move.

Got a $5 credit to buy photo prints from my nephew's wedding's official photographer. I'll take a look at his stuff and see if it is any good. I took a lot of photos myself, as did the husband of one of our long-time family friends, so I don't need any for the memories, but I like to support young people who foolishly think photography is a viable business model, just for the St. Jude-ness of it.

In response to my complaints on FB about Jesus music, my cousin, the proprietor of a music NYC site called "Now I've Heard Everything"  sent me a tune called Joe Christ. Highly amusing, the concept is that if Jesus was Jesus Christ then his dad Joseph would have been Joe Christ. In the song, Joe is a bartender with ED, and one day his wife comes to the bar to break the news that she's pregnant. It sounds lot like like John Prine, but is by a guy named Dan Bern.

Was so bored today I swiffered the kitchen floor. Will have to actually sponge mop it later - this kitchen is about twice as long and a couple of feet wider than the previous place, and all a swiffer does is move the dirt to the edges.

Pumpkin disappeared. I looked all over for him, in the closets, behind the blinds, under the bed. Finally found him squeezed into the 4" strip between the sofa and the subwoofer. He has shrunk so much from the diabetes. I weighed him this morning, he is maintaining at 13.6 lbs. after being >20 lbs most of his adult life. The vet says this is the right weight for him, but he's way too bony as far as I am concerned.

Been reading Terry Pratchett's Mort on the Kindle. The chapters are longer than his usual, it has been hard to find convenient places to put it down. Death takes on an apprentice named Mortimer. I liked the pun. Death is my favorite one of the Discworld characters.

Plans for tomorrow:
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