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Late Again

9 am meeting week, so I was at work a little after 8. Spent most of the day looking at the database for tests I could run, and ended the day with one which needs to run overnight.  Lunchtime I went to Kaiser to get them to override the hold on my Lipitor prescription, then went to lunch at a hole in the wall on Stevens Creek Blvd which advertised Chinese  take-out, but all the featured foods were Thai, and while the woman in charge looked Chinese, the music playing too softly for anyone not behind the counter to hear very clearly was from rural northern Thailand. The non-featured food was all like Panda Express. If I go there again I'll ask her what part of Thailand she's from.

Home after work, watched the Seahawks finally show up for a game, while the Rams did not. Seahawks need to fire number 25 - he's a defensive player, a pass defender. He holds on almost every play, and he celebrates, taunts and is generally a jerk. You would think a Stanford grad would have more brains. He cost the team two extra first downs on the goal line (the team beat back the first 6 downs), and a touchdown. The defensive front line is gonna spank him after the game, for sure.

Halftime was an interior designer festival. The wider bedroom curtain arrived, So I got up on the ladder, took down the two narrower panels, and clipped the wide one in place, which was a bit of a chore because I only had clips for every three pleats. As I got down from the ladder and straightened out the bottom, I saw I had hung it upside-down. Back on the ladder, and fixed that. Then I took one of the narrow panels and gaffer taped it up in front of the bedroom's door to the patio, which is a big window with ineffective slat blinds. That should give me a mostly dark bedroom, especially if I close the door most of the way. I would close it all the way but the cats would yell to get in, and I like to have them around.

Dinner was lunch leftovers. And I am now out of ice cream. Must do something about that tomorrow.

I donated £50 to my UK cousin's wife's project to ride a bike with another midwife across Ethiopia in March to raise money for maternity care facilities and education there. On Facebook she thanked her uncle Howard for the donation. Her uncle doesn't look anything like me. :-(

Called my insurance agent and signed up for the earthquake add-on to my renter's insurance.

Launched iTunes and took a closer look at the album art which TuneUp had added, and ended up scanning in about a dozen covers which they had incorrectly matched. Also corrected some data on about five duplicate album tracks which consolidated them into one album. On the survey they sent to me, I said there was only a 50% chance I would recommend their product.  It is not worth the $50 fee. Considering all the work I had to do to repair what it had "fixed", it ought to be free, or close to it.

CO2 cartridges arrived, I'm good for another 4 months or so of seltzer.

Plans for tomorrow:
Ice cream restocking
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