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Plan A was to get on the road before 9 so I could stop in at the Jiffy Lube on the way, but I was about 15 minutes later than that, so I punted it to tomorrow lunchtime. In a huge WTF, tomorrow they are having another holiday lunch in the break room. Last time was 2 weeks late for Thanksgiving, this one is 2 weeks early for Xmas/New Year. They probably could have had a real holiday party off-site for the price of the two on-site. I might even have gone. I have my sleep apnea testing tomorrow afternoon, so I'll basically blow off half a day.

The testing will actually be at home tomorrow night, in the afternoon I have to go to Kaiser and be shown how to wear the test gear, take it home, at the usual time sleep in it, and bring it back the next day before 9 am. Rush hour traffic is going to make that a challenge.

Lunch was at Jack in the Box. I have never eaten there. Decided that the sourdough jack needed a try. It was a FAIL - I don't know what they put in the Special Sauce, but it does not go with sourdough or burger. It was not inedible, just the wrong combination of flavors. Like tartar sauce on a meatball. Like malt vinegar on a corn dog. And they make their shakes the west coast way - it's soft ice cream which has been deposited directly into the container, and it needs half an hour to melt enough to get through a straw. They did put fake whipped cream and a cherry on top.

Nice clean place, plenty of seating. But all the customers were men. A few were on their bluetooth sets talking to the air but pointed in my direction so I could hear everything. One was in Spanish. One was in something Eastern European.

That will be my last visit. Too bad, they were not playing any music, they had a TV on with the sound up.

Work was pretty good, learned a couple of new features, re-learned one. Left at about 6:30 in the middle of a test which I need to ask the boss to re-write. It's to check that the new version will cleanly update from the last 12 versions. Trouble is, somewhere about three versions ago we stopped supporting updating from more than x numbers of versions ago, but I don't know what x is.

Home, changed out the litterboxes, fed the cats, fed myself. Watched some tivoed episodes of Storage Wars which has changed from a fun and interesting program where abandoned storage units were auctioned off and we got to see what was in them along with the winners, but is now a personality show with a handful of regular bidders who hate each other and bid up the units in pissing contests which over-inflate the prices. I don't like any of the regulars anymore. Now if they find something unusual which may be valuable, they take it to some "expert" for an appraisal. The experts have clearly paid the producers for the honor. Let's say you won't see any of these people on Antique Roadshow.

And now I'm here.

Early in the day I received a message on FB from a cousin in Boston that her aunt Cathy had passed away in her sleep last night. She was someone I had emailed a few times, because she was finishing up a book on the town my grandmother (my mother's mother) was from. She was married to the son of one of Mom's first cousins. Boston cousin did not know that side of the family too well - her mother's side  - because she grew up in Santa Cruz and until I moved here, she had no relatives from that side within 3,000 miles. It was a huge family, though, my grandmother was one of 13 children. I passed the news to one of our new york cousins, the son on my mother's sister, and asked him to contact his mother, who is with his father on a Las Vegas vacation. I phoned my Baltimore sister, since she can't log into FB from work, and she pointed out that Cathy was a year younger than me. And that I had just added her son to my FB friends list in time to wish him a happy birthday last month.

Plans for tomorrow
Oil change
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sleep with hardware
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