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How Far Should One Go?

Recently on leatherapron's pages, maestrateresa was pointing out my closed-mindedness in refusing to see Brokeback Mountain, a movie she enjoyed and which I object to as gayploitation.

If you want to check out the exchange, it's here.

The exchange raised a question for me: how far do you have to go to decide you think something is wrong?

In this case, should I actually go see a movie to decide it's a waste of money? Or should I trust reviews, trailers, friends, etc.? Because seeing the movie means paying the ticket price, which means enriching the people who made the movie. Even renting the movie puts a few cents in their coffers.

But in a wider scope, do I have to live in Iraq to know whether the war is bad or good? Do I have to take opiates to know they are bad? Or steroids? Do I really have to get drunk to know what it is like? Do I have to have a near-death experience to find out what happens after we die? Is it necessary for me to confine myself to qa wheel chair to be in favor of handicapped access?

And what about Naomi?

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